Decepticons, Warrior, Holo Decoy Bio Programmed with the skills of a mighty ninja, the non-sentient Nightbird developed a full meta-processor brain after being implanted with one of Bombshell’s cerebro shells, which merged with her own simulated intelligence. Nightbird became one of the greatest threats to the Autobots, even more so when – as Bombshell was… Continue reading Nightbird


Decepticons, Warrior, Defensive Rush, Combiner, Predacons Bio Smug, arrogant to the point of insufferable, nothing can dissuade Headstrong once he’s decided on a course of action. His commitment to his own plan of attack is total and unwavering, and everyone else can take their opinion and stuff it. But largely his whole demeanour is designed… Continue reading Headstrong


Decepticons, Warrior, Fire Rush, Combiner, Predacons Bio Rampage is like an elemental force of nature, tearing through life – and his enemies – with such ferocity, such furious energy, there’s simply no stopping him. No reasoning with him. After these bursts of violent action, lashing out at anything or anyone (including his fellow Predacons), he’s… Continue reading Rampage


Decepticons, Warrior, Fire Rush, Combiner, Constructicons Bio Some like to build… others demolish. Bonecrusher falls squarely into the latter category. His idea of a beautiful landscape is a rubble-strewn wasteland, and rare is the edifice he feels is better off left standing. He loves what he does, and the sheer terror he inspires is the… Continue reading Bonecrusher


Decepticons, Warrior, Defensive Rush, Combiner, Constructicons Bio Scrapper is a master of designing and building ""stealth monuments"": fortresses and power plants that blend seamlessly into the landscape, whether that landscape is on Cybertron or Earth. This sly and malevolent genius is highly regarded by Megatron, and Scrapper takes all the praise he can get. His… Continue reading Scrapper


Autobots, Warrior, Holo Decoy Bio Appearances… can be deceptive. Quick witted and formidable in battle, Arcee is compassionate to her allies but utterly merciless to her enemies. Streamlined bodywork and light alloy construction only mean she’s faster, more agile and ultimately deadlier than most of her fellow Autobots. A master of many weapons, from blasters… Continue reading Arcee