Autobots, Aerial, Air Strike, Combiner, Torchbearers Bio Unlike her twin sister Skyburst, Stormclash fights with a vengeance not normally seen among the Autobots, and there are few lines she won’t cross. Ruthless and battle-hardened, Stormclash is prone to fits of unchecked aggression and ruthlessness, which makes her more pacifist sister uncomfortable. Nevertheless, Stormclash reserves her… Continue reading Stormclash


Autobots, Special, Line Barrage, Combiner, Torchbearers Bio The yin to Stormclash’s yang, Skyburst is a warrior of peace, willing to fight only when all other options are exhausted and when it’s for the demonstrably greater good. Unlike her twin sister, there are clear lines she just won’t cross, and Skyburst stands tall for justice above… Continue reading Skyburst


Autobots, Warrior, Defensive Rush, Combiner, Torchbearers Bio Fiercely loyal, Jumpstream would do anything, risk anything, to protect or defend Pyra Magna. In return, Pyra Magna has done her level best to give Jumpstream the best possible chance of not needlessly sacrificing herself, training her to become a master of hand-to-hand combat. Thankfully, Jumpstream also has… Continue reading Jumpstream