Autobots, Warrior, Shattering Charge Bio Personal safety often takes a backseat to Sideswipe’s reckless but brave actions, though don’t doubt for a moment that it’s number one he’s looking out for. Though less cold-blooded than his twin brother Sunstreaker, Sideswipe will use any dirty underhanded tactic he can think of to come out on top.… Continue reading Sideswipe


Autobots, Special, Matrix Burst Bio Though just as headstrong, impatient, and willful as Hot Rod (his former, younger self), Rodimus Prime suffers far more self-doubt when it comes to his leadership abilities. Once, he wouldn’t have hesitated leaping into any situation – no matter how dangerous – but as Rodimus Prime he’s learned to consider… Continue reading Rodimusprime


Decepticons, Special, Lightning Burst, Combiner, Stunticons Bio As Stunticon leader, Motormaster considers himself "king of the road", and woe betide anyone who gets in his way when he’s chewing up the highway in his semi-truck mode. A cold and brutal tyrant, he considers no one – not even Optimus Prime – his equal on the… Continue reading Motormaster


Decepticons, Warrior, Holo Decoy Bio Programmed with the skills of a mighty ninja, the non-sentient Nightbird developed a full meta-processor brain after being implanted with one of Bombshell’s cerebro shells, which merged with her own simulated intelligence. Nightbird became one of the greatest threats to the Autobots, even more so when – as Bombshell was… Continue reading Nightbird


Decepticons, Warrior, Defensive Rush, Combiner, Predacons Bio Smug, arrogant to the point of insufferable, nothing can dissuade Headstrong once he’s decided on a course of action. His commitment to his own plan of attack is total and unwavering, and everyone else can take their opinion and stuff it. But largely his whole demeanour is designed… Continue reading Headstrong


Decepticons, Warrior, Fire Rush, Combiner, Predacons Bio Rampage is like an elemental force of nature, tearing through life – and his enemies – with such ferocity, such furious energy, there’s simply no stopping him. No reasoning with him. After these bursts of violent action, lashing out at anything or anyone (including his fellow Predacons), he’s… Continue reading Rampage