Decepticons, Warrior, Essence Theft Bio Barricade has something of a motor-mouth, and whether it’s smashing through an Autobot roadblock or hunting down his quarry, he never misses a chance to taunt, criticize or demoralize his hapless victim(s). Even his fellow Decepticons, up to and including Megatron, aren’t safe from Barricade’s verbal barrage. But luckily for… Continue reading Barricade


Decepticons, Special, Battle Orders Bio Though fierce and ruthless like his namesake, and determined to further the Predacon cause whatever the cost, Megatron’s true art lies in manipulation. Why do yourself what others can do for you, is Megatron’s credo. Cunning, patient, Megatron orchestrates his vast schemes with the precision of a virtuoso. But his… Continue reading Beastwarsmegatron