Autobots, Special, Matrix Burst Bio Though just as headstrong, impatient, and willful as Hot Rod (his former, younger self), Rodimus Prime suffers far more self-doubt when it comes to his leadership abilities. Once, he wouldn’t have hesitated leaping into any situation – no matter how dangerous – but as Rodimus Prime he’s learned to consider… Continue reading Rodimusprime


Decepticons, Special, Lightning Burst, Combiner, Stunticons Bio As Stunticon leader, Motormaster considers himself "king of the road", and woe betide anyone who gets in his way when he’s chewing up the highway in his semi-truck mode. A cold and brutal tyrant, he considers no one – not even Optimus Prime – his equal on the… Continue reading Motormaster


Decepticons, Special, Sonic Disruptor Bio This mesmeric Decepticon has mystical pretensions, and Mindwipe fancies he can commune with the Sparks of departed warriors. But often his hyper-sensitive antennae are simply picking up transmissions from far-flung worlds, and his real talent lies in hypnotizing his foes – via direct optical contact – in mid-battle, and making… Continue reading Mindwipe