Decepticons, Special, Battle Orders Bio Though fierce and ruthless like his namesake, and determined to further the Predacon cause whatever the cost, Megatron’s true art lies in manipulation. Why do yourself what others can do for you, is Megatron’s credo. Cunning, patient, Megatron orchestrates his vast schemes with the precision of a virtuoso. But his… Continue reading Beastwarsmegatron


Autobots, Special, Defense Hack Bio Extremely intelligent, with a data-storage capacity second to none, Perceptor’s thirst for knowledge is unquenchable, and it’s pure science – not battle – that lights his circuits. Specializing in metallurgy, molecular chemistry and electrical engineering, Perceptor is the go-to ‘bot when it comes to adapting to Earth combat. Although good-natured… Continue reading Perceptor