Decepticons, Gunner, Rocket Barrage, Combiner, Constructicons Bio It may not be the most glamorous role a Decepticon warrior could wish for, but every army needs its supply line, and Long Haul’s lot is to keep the flow of raw materials coming, and then – along with his fellow Constructicons – build the massive energy-recovery installations… Continue reading Longhaul


Decepticons, Gunner, Rocket Barrage, Combiner, Combaticons Bio Brawl reckons he was built to make noise, and does his best to live up to that assertion, whether talking, shooting or just moving. But the constant grating, clanking and booming irritates the coolant out of his fellow Decepticons. Even the other Combaticons dislike it. Brawl’s hair-trigger temper… Continue reading Brawl


Autobots, Gunner, Rocket Barrage, Combiner, Aerialbots Bio Forget speed – that’s for others. Alpha Bravo is all about precision and manoeuvrability – his helicopter alt. mode tailor made for getting into tight spots no other flyer can reach. Nevertheless, Alpha Bravo has the tiniest bit of an inferiority complex when in the company of his… Continue reading Alphabravo


Autobots, Gunner, Rocket Barrage, Combiner, OptimusMaximus Bio Endlessly patient, calm and cool under pressure, it’s these very qualities that make Prowl something of a frustrating enigma to his fellow Autobots. Prowl deals first and foremost in logic, eschewing emotion and sociability in favour of efficiency. But the net result is it makes him something of… Continue reading Prowl