Autobots, Gunner, Incendiary Barrage, Combiner, OptimusMaximus Bio Not only does Sunstreaker believe he’s the best, he tells everyone he is. Endlessly. He’s the complete egotist, convinced of his invulnerability on the basis that no one does it better. Sunstreaker loves to discuss his aerodynamic styling and sleek bodywork, and is faintly contemptuous of the other… Continue reading Sunstreaker


Autobots, Warrior, Rush In, Combiner, OptimusMaximus Bio Tough, ornery and uncompromising, Ironhide is an old school warrior – low on words, high on knocking heads together. As Optimus Prime’s head of security, he takes the attitude that everyone is suspect until proven otherwise, but his gruff exterior hides a softer soul, his concern for life,… Continue reading Ironhide


Autobots, Gunner, Rocket Barrage, Combiner, OptimusMaximus Bio Endlessly patient, calm and cool under pressure, it’s these very qualities that make Prowl something of a frustrating enigma to his fellow Autobots. Prowl deals first and foremost in logic, eschewing emotion and sociability in favour of efficiency. But the net result is it makes him something of… Continue reading Prowl


Autobots, Special, Inspiring Charge, Combiner, OptimusMaximus Bio Committed, inspirational, selfless… Optimus Prime is all these things and more, a born leader and idealistic to boot. But what makes him a truly great leader, is his own lack of hubris, his seeming inability to place his life, his worth, above any of his fellow Autobots, or… Continue reading Optimusprime