News bulletins Face to Face Zeek and Destroy (part 1 of 2) [00]..[ff] Zapped and shocked to their cores, the Autobots and Decepticons are both working on a solution to put an end to the Kremzeeks’ painful shenanigans. Join the last battle of the Kremzeek saga and earn Boosters, Resources, Shards, and get up to… Continue reading LangConfig-Month-2017-08


News bulletins Face to Face Ultimate Weapon? [00]..[ff] Soundwave has the perfect plan: Generate Kremzeeks, tame them, and release them as weapons of mass destruction! The plan is so simple, how could anything go wrong? Take part of the Kremzeek saga now and earn unique Kremzeek Boosts, Resources, Spark, and Crystal Shards! Start Date: 11/8/2017… Continue reading LangConfig-20170809


News bulletins Critical Mass (part 1 of 2) Face to Face [00]..[ff] After narrowly avoiding a certain death Snarl and Hun-gurrr continue their mission on Quintessa. With the danger passed their temporary truce fails. Their missions resume and Death seems inevitable, but who will be the first to fall? Participate now in the next Quintessa… Continue reading LangConfig-Month-2017-07