Decepticons, Gunner, Incendiary Barrage, Combiner, Combaticons Bio With Swindle, it’s always deal – never no deal. He’d trade Megatron’s right arm for a toaster if he saw both opportunity and profit. Though outwardly good-natured and affable, Swindle’s always figuring out the angles, looking for a way to line his own utility cavities. But his wheeling… Continue reading Swindle


Autobots, Gunner, Incendiary Barrage, Combiner, OptimusMaximus Bio Not only does Sunstreaker believe he’s the best, he tells everyone he is. Endlessly. He’s the complete egotist, convinced of his invulnerability on the basis that no one does it better. Sunstreaker loves to discuss his aerodynamic styling and sleek bodywork, and is faintly contemptuous of the other… Continue reading Sunstreaker