Autobots, Aerial, Fire Mission, Combiner, Dinobots Bio Swooping from the sky to rain ballistic missiles down on hapless Decepticons is Swoop’s forte, and he goes about these aerial dive bombing raids with an unwholesome glee, delighting in the fear and confusion he sows on the battlefield. But appearances can be deceptive and while Swoop in… Continue reading Strafe


Autobots, Special, Sword Rush, Combiner, Dinobots Bio A rampaging force of nature, Grimlock is the most feared and powerful of the Dinobots, as irascible and savage as the T-Rex his beast mode is modelled on. Combat is in Grimlock’s spark, and periods in between battles are simply periods of great frustration and seething resentment. Any… Continue reading Grimlock


Autobots, Warrior, Seismic Charge, Combiner, Dinobots Bio Despite his plodding, lumbering gait and bulldozer-like approach to anything in his way, Sludge is a gentle and even shy ‘bot at heart. But conscious of his bellicose fellow Dinobots, and wary of their scorn, he keeps his sensitive side hidden. Sludge’s seismic footfalls have been known to… Continue reading Slog