Decepticons, Special, Artillery Support, Combiner, Constructicons Bio Driven by a manic urge to prove himself, Scavenger sees the recycle value of every bit of scrap or junk he comes across, and he’ll move heaven and earth – or dig anywhere – to procure it. Naturally, of what he gathers, very little is of real practical… Continue reading Scavenger


Decepticons, Warrior, Fire Rush, Combiner, Constructicons Bio Some like to build… others demolish. Bonecrusher falls squarely into the latter category. His idea of a beautiful landscape is a rubble-strewn wasteland, and rare is the edifice he feels is better off left standing. He loves what he does, and the sheer terror he inspires is the… Continue reading Bonecrusher


Decepticons, Warrior, Defensive Rush, Combiner, Constructicons Bio Scrapper is a master of designing and building ""stealth monuments"": fortresses and power plants that blend seamlessly into the landscape, whether that landscape is on Cybertron or Earth. This sly and malevolent genius is highly regarded by Megatron, and Scrapper takes all the praise he can get. His… Continue reading Scrapper


Decepticons, Gunner, Orbital Strike, Combiner, Constructicons Bio There’s a touch of the medieval alchemist about Mixmaster. There’s almost nothing, inert or otherwise (including living metal), he won’t reduce down to a stew of ores and chemicals in his seething rotating acid cauldron and then output as a new raw material. The others think he’s got… Continue reading Mixmaster


Decepticons, Gunner, Rocket Barrage, Combiner, Constructicons Bio It may not be the most glamorous role a Decepticon warrior could wish for, but every army needs its supply line, and Long Haul’s lot is to keep the flow of raw materials coming, and then – along with his fellow Constructicons – build the massive energy-recovery installations… Continue reading Longhaul


Decepticons, Medic, Healing Grenade, Combiner, Constructicons Bio Something of a perfectionist, Hook considers his fellow Constructicons somewhat crude and dim-witted, as they don’t have his exacting standards or attention to detail. Whether it’s micro adjustments to a printed circuit or welding together two fifty ton girders, Hook applies the same precision to both tasks. Though… Continue reading Hook