Decepticons, Gunner, Cluster Strike, Combiner, Combaticons Bio Buckle up, for the ride of your… death, as Vortex subjects another victim to a dizzying, spinning flight designed to well and truly rattle their bolts. It’s half interrogation technique, half sadistic pleasure for Vortex, who thrives on their pleas for mercy… which always fall on deaf audio… Continue reading Vortex


Decepticons, Gunner, Incendiary Barrage, Combiner, Combaticons Bio With Swindle, it’s always deal – never no deal. He’d trade Megatron’s right arm for a toaster if he saw both opportunity and profit. Though outwardly good-natured and affable, Swindle’s always figuring out the angles, looking for a way to line his own utility cavities. But his wheeling… Continue reading Swindle


Decepticons, Gunner, Rocket Barrage, Combiner, Combaticons Bio Brawl reckons he was built to make noise, and does his best to live up to that assertion, whether talking, shooting or just moving. But the constant grating, clanking and booming irritates the coolant out of his fellow Decepticons. Even the other Combaticons dislike it. Brawl’s hair-trigger temper… Continue reading Brawl