News bulletins Nice to Meet Me (part 1 of 2) Power of the Primes (part 1 of 2) [00]..[ff] [00]..[ff] The Prime Cores have burst into our reality and fallen to Earth. The ‘hearts’ of the 13 Primes, each Prime Core promises great power to the bot who claims it. As the Prime Cores appeared,… Continue reading LangConfig-Month-2018-02


News bulletins King Size (part 1 of 2) One Shall Stand [00]..[ff] [00]..[ff] The air smells ionized…burnt like something electrical… This can only mean one thing…Kremzeeks! Kremzeeks, what could possibly go wrong? Join the new Kremzeek event to get SUPER Bonus Experience from all Battlezones! Accumulate Little Kremzeeks (same as Battle Points) and win resources,… Continue reading LangConfig-Month-2017-12


News bulletins Hide-and-Zeek! (part 1 of 2) One Shall Stand [b]Update:[/b] New 5-Star Bot Cycle! Fight and Die (part 1 of 2) [00]..[ff] Starscream stands over what s left of his former master. Smashed and broken -but still fearless and hardened- Megatron offers him what he always wanted: an opportunity to show his worth. Take… Continue reading LangConfig-20171220


News bulletins Close Encounters Stargazers (part 1 of 2) Pipes and Headstrong Crystals Cliffjumper & Kickback Crystals [00]..[ff] [00]..[ff] Show your enemies what tough looks like. Rush into battle with Pipes or Headstrong, available from their Crystal in the shop now! Jump into battle with Cliffjumper or Kickback, available from their Crystal in the shop… Continue reading LangConfig-20171121


News bulletins A Grave Problem Fright Night 0]..[ff] [00]..[ff] An infection is spreading through the Autobot and Decepticon ranks, filling even the mightiest bots with terrors and fear! [00]..[ff] Springer and Astrotrain have landed on Quintessa to investigate a strange affliction that is spreading between Autobots and Decepticons. Join them to discover the origins of… Continue reading LangConfig-20171102


News bulletins Arachnophobia (part 1 of 2) Big Big Trouble [00]..[ff] Razorclaw is determined to swipe the Enigma of Combination from the Autobots and he won’t be stopped by any clumsy, slow minded Dinobots! Take part in this event to win a 4-Star Volcanicus or Predaking Crystal containing a guaranteed 4-Star Dinobot or Predacon! Start… Continue reading LangConfig-Month-2017-09