News bulletins Big Big Trouble Countdown to Nebulos [00]..[ff] Megatron rarely take notes from Optimus Prime’s school of leadership. But this time round, he’s unknowingly preaching from the same handbook. The order is simple – Nebulan technology is a distraction, too risky to pursue… Join the beginning of the Power Core Saga and earn a… Continue reading LangConfig-Month-2017-10


News bulletins Volcanicus Vs Predaking (1/2) Unknown Powers [00]..[ff] After the skirmish for the Enigma of Combination escalated into a full blown warfare, it’s time regroup and seek alternative solutions. While Optimus and Megatron make plans for a way to unleash their Triple Changers, a few bots on both sides believe the edge they seek… Continue reading LangConfig-20171013


News bulletins Arachnophobia (part 1 of 2) Big Big Trouble [00]..[ff] Razorclaw is determined to swipe the Enigma of Combination from the Autobots and he won’t be stopped by any clumsy, slow minded Dinobots! Take part in this event to win a 4-Star Volcanicus or Predaking Crystal containing a guaranteed 4-Star Dinobot or Predacon! Start… Continue reading LangConfig-Month-2017-09


News bulletins String Theory Stolen Secrets [00]..[ff] Grimlock has decided to unite the Dinobots into a Combiner! The Dinobots don’t know this yet… but 5 heads are better than 1, right? The Decepticons have caught wind of Grimlock’s plan and hatch their own scheme to combine the Predacons! Discover the storyline that will introduce the… Continue reading LangConfig-20170921


News bulletins Seaspray & Octopunch Crystals Hot Spot & Tantrum Crystals [00]..[ff] [00]..[ff] Reap a Whirlwind of Chaos on your enemy’s base! Eye for an eye! Enlist allies from the depths with Seaspray or Octopunch, available from their Crystal in the shop now! Turn your enemies defense against them with Hot Spot or Tantrum, available… Continue reading LangConfig-20170914


News bulletins Face to Face Arachnophobia (part 1 of 2) [00]..[ff] Blackarachnia claims to be investigating the remnants of a portal that consumed both Optimus Primal and Megatron. But it’s unclear what kind of web is she spinning… Take part in this event to unveil her true intentions and win Time Shards that contain a… Continue reading LangConfig-Month-2017-08