News bulletins Jaws of Death (part 1 of 2) New Core: The Alchemist Prime [00]..[ff] [00]..[ff] Capable to transmuting metal and altering elemental properties, the Alchemist Prime Core can turn creation into destruction… and vice-versa! Equip a bot with the Alchemist Prime Core to heal them with every point of damage they inflict! Fight in… Continue reading LangConfig-20180412


News bulletins Power of the Primes (part 1 of 2) Jaws of Death (part 1 of 2) [00]..[ff] [00]..[ff] The prognosis is undeniable: without external help, Optimus Prime will soon succumb to Death s grip. Called by a force stronger than loyalty, Elita-1 has crossed the Space Bridge to join the Autobots for one purpose:… Continue reading LangConfig-Month-2018-03


News bulletins Power Core Updat Doomed Together (part 1 of 2 Play Now! Play Transmission Challenge Battle: Warpath & Skullsmasher Doomed Together (part 2 of 2) [00]..[ff] [00]..[ff] Wheels on the road! Play this Campaign Level to get a taste of Warpath and Skullsmasher! Stunticons and Rust Renegades are in a race to be the… Continue reading LangConfig-20180329