Decepticons, Special, Defence Hack Bio For Bombshell, warfare is all in the mind. Once he sinks his stinger in someone’s head and injects his enslaving cerebro-shell, that being is his to command. Bombshell loves nothing more than entertaining himself by making his victims embarrass and debase themselves, before sending them (normally) to their deaths. Equally… Continue reading Bombshell


Decepticons, Special, Artillery Support, Combiner, Constructicons Bio Driven by a manic urge to prove himself, Scavenger sees the recycle value of every bit of scrap or junk he comes across, and he’ll move heaven and earth – or dig anywhere – to procure it. Naturally, of what he gathers, very little is of real practical… Continue reading Scavenger


Decepticons, Special, Quick Strike, Combiner, Predacons Bio Often, Divebomb doesn’t know where to begin. Such an array of helpless targets on the ground, he’s like a mecha-kid in a candy store. He gets almost giddy with pleasure as he rains destruction down on them. The only thing that ruffles his carbon-steel feathers is having to… Continue reading Divebomb


Decepticons, Medic, Combat Stimulants Bio Shockwave is a creature of pure logic, untroubled by distracting emotions and ambitions. Cold, brutal and efficient, Shockwave views warfare through wholly scientific optical receptors, finding the path of least resistance and executing his strategy without vanity or bloodlust. He regards Megatron’s passion for conquest with something approaching disdain, believing… Continue reading Shockwave


Decepticons, Medic, Healing Grenade, Combiner, Constructicons Bio Something of a perfectionist, Hook considers his fellow Constructicons somewhat crude and dim-witted, as they don’t have his exacting standards or attention to detail. Whether it’s micro adjustments to a printed circuit or welding together two fifty ton girders, Hook applies the same precision to both tasks. Though… Continue reading Hook