Autobots, Special, Bestial Fury Bio Full of youthful overconfidence, the devil-may-care Cheetor lives life to the full and at high velocity. However, that reckless, full throttle attitude often gets him into deep trouble, sometimes more than he can handle solo (not that he’d ever admit it). It’s fair to say that Cheetor’s overbearing enthusiasm sometimes… Continue reading Cheetor


Decepticons, Special, Orbital Bounce, Combiner, Stunticons Bio Despite his dreary, fatalistic certainty that the big shutdown is all that awaits them, Dead End spends more time than any ‘bot this side of Sunstreaker making sure he looks his bright shiny best. The "best-looking wreck in the auto junkyard" as Stunticon boss Motormaster likes to say.… Continue reading Deadend


Autobots, Special, Defense Hack Bio Extremely intelligent, with a data-storage capacity second to none, Perceptor’s thirst for knowledge is unquenchable, and it’s pure science – not battle – that lights his circuits. Specializing in metallurgy, molecular chemistry and electrical engineering, Perceptor is the go-to ‘bot when it comes to adapting to Earth combat. Although good-natured… Continue reading Perceptor