Autobots, Combiner Combiner team Grimlock Slog Slug Snarl Strafe Bundles and crystals 10-volcanicus 5 Dinobot Crystals + 10 Ore-13 + 35,000 Energon + 2,000 Volcanicus Spark 100-volcanicus 50 Dinobot Crystals + 130 Ore-13 + 750,000 Energon + 40,000 Volcanicus Spark 20-volcancius 10 Dinobot Crystals + 30 Ore-13 + 75,000 Energon + 4,000 Volcanicus Spark 40-volcanicus… Continue reading Volcanicus


Autobots, Special, Bestial Fury Bio Full of youthful overconfidence, the devil-may-care Cheetor lives life to the full and at high velocity. However, that reckless, full throttle attitude often gets him into deep trouble, sometimes more than he can handle solo (not that he’d ever admit it). It’s fair to say that Cheetor’s overbearing enthusiasm sometimes… Continue reading Cheetor


Autobots, Special, *The skill stat shown below is for a Lvl 1 2-star bot (the damage amount changes depending on bot’s level) Bio Following a battle which left him grievously wounded, Optimus Prime’s entire structural integrity and circuitry processors were reprogrammed into a sleeker, stronger, combat-ready configuration. With a new giant laser-targeting rocket launcher, ripple-fire missile… Continue reading Laseroptimusprime