Decepticons, Special, Sonic Disruptor Bio This mesmeric Decepticon has mystical pretensions, and Mindwipe fancies he can commune with the Sparks of departed warriors. But often his hyper-sensitive antennae are simply picking up transmissions from far-flung worlds, and his real talent lies in hypnotizing his foes – via direct optical contact – in mid-battle, and making… Continue reading Mindwipe


Decepticons, Gunner, Cluster Strike, Combiner, Combaticons Bio Buckle up, for the ride of your… death, as Vortex subjects another victim to a dizzying, spinning flight designed to well and truly rattle their bolts. It’s half interrogation technique, half sadistic pleasure for Vortex, who thrives on their pleas for mercy… which always fall on deaf audio… Continue reading Vortex


Decepticons, Aerial, Air Strike, Combiner, Combaticons Bio Able to roam the spaceways in his shuttle mode, Blast Off feels above his fellow Combaticons in every sense. To him, the travails of others are small, petty things, and his aloof and superior manner aggravate the heck out of everyone. But he doesn’t care. Everything is remote… Continue reading Blastoff