Decepticons, Special, Execute!, Combiner, Stunticons Bio When it come reckless, Brake-Neck is in a class of his own. Opponents and allies think his head-on, who-blinks-first combat tactics are a bluff, that no one can be that wild and impetuous, but the truth is Brake-Neck really is nuts. He doesn’t care, and that’s what makes him… Continue reading Brakeneck


Autobots, Gunner, Release the Hounds! Bio Intrepid, fearless, unwavering, Hound is all these things and more – perfect qualities for an advance scout. But the truth is Hound just loves to explore. If it’s new, uncharted or off-the-beaten-track, Hound’s your ‘bot. Using his topographical skills and 3D simulation circuitry, he’ll have plotted every twist and… Continue reading Hound


Decepticons, Gunner, Holo Assault!, Combiner, Stunticons Bio For Drag Strip, winning is everything, and a more competitive soul you will never meet. Every tiny online moment is driven by his desire to come out on top, whether it’s racing, fighting or just trading insults, and the only thing he craves more than victory is to… Continue reading Dragstrip


Decepticons, Aerial, Bombing Run Bio Though both intelligent and awesomely powerful, Cyclonus is also a cold and consummate professional, one who oozes contempt aimed at those who would undermine the Decepticon cause for personal advancement. He’d rather earn the respect of his fellow Decepticons through his actions than simply by flexing his muscles. In both… Continue reading Cyclonus