Autobots, Special, Ultra Barrage Bio Soldier, law enforcer, staunch defender of Autobot principles, Ultra Magnus is all these things and more. But while he is comfortable following orders, he isn’t as happy giving them. The mantle of leadership doesn’t sit easily on his shoulders, though with his indomitable courage and gift for battlefield improvisation under… Continue reading Ultramagnus


Decepticons, Special, Fusion Beam Bio It’s hard to imagine a more pitiless, monstrous tyrant than Megatron, but Galvatron is it. He’s Megatron to the nth degree and even more powerful than his past/former self. Remade by Unicron, Galvatron’s conceit and thirst for conquest and dominance are second to none. He is power personified, an unstoppable… Continue reading Galvatron


Decepticons, Special, Sword Rush, Combiner, Predacons Bio Razorclaw despises waste in any form, and that extends to his own energy output. So it’s perhaps understandable why so many mistake his long stretches of inactivity as laziness, when in fact his optics are carefully monitoring his surroundings, waiting for the optimum moment to strike. Suddenly, Razorclaw… Continue reading Razorclaw