Autobots, Aerial, Bombing Run, Combiner, Aerialbots Bio To say Powerglide delights in his aerial prowess is a huge understatement. He loves showing off his dazzling airborne virtuosity, and isn’t above a bit of gratuitous grandstanding. He’s equally happy performing for friend or foe, as long as he gets the requisite appreciation. But deep down, Powerglide’s… Continue reading Powerglide


Autobots, Gunner, Rocket Barrage, Combiner, Aerialbots Bio Forget speed – that’s for others. Alpha Bravo is all about precision and manoeuvrability – his helicopter alt. mode tailor made for getting into tight spots no other flyer can reach. Nevertheless, Alpha Bravo has the tiniest bit of an inferiority complex when in the company of his… Continue reading Alphabravo


Autobots, Aerial, EMP Bomb, Combiner, Aerialbots Bio Though Silverbolt projects the image of a brave, grimly determined warrior – as befitting his role as Aerialbot Commander – he’s actually afraid of heights, a phobia he masks but has never quite conquered. The illusion of aerial ease is helped by his sleek, aerodynamic jet form, making… Continue reading Silverbolt