Decepticons, Aerial, Air Strike, Combiner, Combaticons Bio Able to roam the spaceways in his shuttle mode, Blast Off feels above his fellow Combaticons in every sense. To him, the travails of others are small, petty things, and his aloof and superior manner aggravate the heck out of everyone. But he doesn’t care. Everything is remote… Continue reading Blastoff


Decepticons, Aerial, EMP Bomb Bio To Thundercracker, the deadliest weapon is terror – and he soars through the skies gazing contemptuously on anything or anyone unable to rise into the air, occasionally diving and striking, leaving twisted wreckage in his wake. Conquest is his birthright as a Decepticon, and yet he sometimes doubts the cause… Continue reading Thundercracker


Autobots, Aerial, Air Strike, Combiner, Torchbearers Bio Unlike her twin sister Skyburst, Stormclash fights with a vengeance not normally seen among the Autobots, and there are few lines she won’t cross. Ruthless and battle-hardened, Stormclash is prone to fits of unchecked aggression and ruthlessness, which makes her more pacifist sister uncomfortable. Nevertheless, Stormclash reserves her… Continue reading Stormclash