The content in this page is unofficial and not released as part of the game. As such it can change
any moment.

Expected Autobot paddles, rodimus

Laser Optimus – Expected Autobot


Short bio: Following a battle Optimus Prime was reprogrammed into a sleeker, stronger, combat-ready configuration.

Long bio: ollowing a battle which left him grievously wounded, Optimus Prime’s entire structural integrity and circuitry processors were reprogrammed into a sleeker, stronger, combat-ready configuration.

With a new giant laser-targeting rocket launcher, ripple-fire missile blaster and armor-piercing discs, Optimus is ready to immobilize Megatron once and for all.

Potential skill: Ricochet Mode
For [FCB620]15 seconds[-] fire plasma discs dealing [FCB620][StatValue][-] damage and [FCB620]bouncing[-] onto up to [FCB620]4 nearby targets[-] [BDBDBD](20% dmg reduction per bounce).[-]

Megatron – Expected Decepticon


Short bio: Fierce and ruthless, Megatron’s true art lies in manipulation, orchestrating his schemes with the precision of a virtuoso.

Long bio: Though fierce and ruthless like his namesake, and determined to further the Predacon cause whatever the cost, Megatron’s true art lies in manipulation.
Why do yourself what others can do for you, is Megatron’s credo.

Cunning, patient, Megatron orchestrates his vast schemes with the precision of a virtuoso. But his twisted sense of humor and overdeveloped sense of drama make him a little too fond of his own cleverness.

Paddles – Expected Autobot


Hot Rod – Expected Autobot


Short bio: Hot Rod is the original "turbo-revving young punk", always looking for that headlong shot of x-treme techno-adrenaline.

Long bio: Hot Rod is the original "turbo-revving young punk", with a carefree daredevil attitude that leaves his fellow Autobots a jittery mess.

Blame it on his ‘youth’ if you will, but Hot Rod is always looking for that headlong buzz, that extra x-treme shot of techno-adrenaline.
Live fast, die… well, later, is his credo, and Hot Rod certainly believes in living life to the fullest.
The closer to the edge it is, the more he likes it.

Potential skill: Blessing of the Matrix

Makes a friendly bot [FCB620]invulnerable[-] to damage and stun effects for [FCB620][StatValue] seconds[-]!

Where does the data come from?

On the Android platform the game includes a configuration file,
which is used to make in game labels and texts more manageable.
The game code uses various keys, and the configuration file lists
which text belongs to that key.

If you have a app that can show you all the files on your device
(for example FileCommander), the file can be located on the internal storage:

  1. Internal Storage
  2. /Android
  3. /data
  4. /com.backflipstudios.transformersearthwars
  5. /files
  6. /LangConfig.bytes

Open the file using a text editor.
(Sharing the file to your laptop via e-mail or other channels might make this task easier.)
Then look for all labels name bio-{somecharacter} to reveal which characters are known to the game. The
list shown above is the result of comparing the names in the code to the available characters on the official wiki
page: http://wiki.transformersearthwars.com/wiki:characters.