bld-allianceyardAlliance Portal

Allows you to fight with bots sent from other members of your Alliance.

def-multiMulti-Defense System

Switch between three different modes and adapt to your foes!

def-tlockT-Lock Mine

Prevents your attackers from using special abilities.

uti-armouryPower Core Lab

View, equip and improve your collection of Power Cores.

uti-armoury-bot-core-descEquip, manage & fuse your Bot Cores.

uti-armoury-bot-core-titleBot Cores

uti-armoury-building-core-descManage & fuse your Building Cores

uti-armoury-building-core-titleBuilding Cores

uti-bravoBravo Shuttle

Once repaired, [FCB620]Shuttle Bravo[-] can be used in battle to deploy [FCB620]reinforcements[-] and secure your victory!

uti-bravo-brokenBroken Shuttle

[Cheetor:facepalm] Big Bot! Big Bot! Ah… this is hopeless. Like trying to use *Waspinator’s* sundered stinger against a swarm of *Insecticons!*
Primal’s gone… and we have no clue where.
[Blackarachnia] Giving up so soon, kitty-cat?
All that youthful optimism… crushed under the weight of responsibility. I love it!
[Cheetor:pointleft] Get lost, *Blackarachnia*. The others may have started trusting you, but I don’t. An arachnid never changes its… er, webs?
[Blackarachnia] Well, even when I’m good… I’m bad.
Look, I just want off this Primus-forsaken planet!
Almost home… and *Primal* ups and disappears… and here we are, back where we started.
Accept it – he’s gone. For good.
[Cheetor:shakehead] Never! We’ll find him. We have to!
*Blackarachnia?* Are you listening to me?
[Blackarachnia:victory] What? Oh… just some… good news I’ve been waiting on. Suddenly my, ah, future is looking *a lot* brighter.
[Cheetor:tauntleft] What are you up to, you slippery spider?

Repair this shuttle to send additional troops into battle!



Upgrade your Headquarters to unlock new troop types.


Use the Research Lab to improve your [UserFaction].


Allows you to construct and upgrade more buildings simultaneously.

bld-gold-storageEnergon Storage

Stores your Energon. Upgrade and build more to increase capacity.

bld-smelterEnergon Harvester

Produces Energon for you to harvest.

def-beamBeam Laser

Fires a powerful photon beam at long range. Targets ground bots only.

def-cannonAuto Cannon

Good all-around defense with reasonable range and damage. Does not target flying bots.

def-laserLaser Turret

Shorter range than the Auto Cannon but can hit airborne units dealing extra damage.

def-missileMissile Launcher

Fires a barrage of guided missiles that can strike both air and ground bots.


Fires high-explosive projectiles at long range. Does not target flying bots.

def-outpostAutobot Outpost

Assign an Autobot to defend your base. Upgrade to increase their stats on defense.

def-outpost_DDecepticon Outpost

Assign a Decepticon to defend your base. Upgrade to increase their stats on defense.

def-shockShock Tower

Delivers a nasty jolt of lightning to nearby bots, knocking them back. Immune to EMP effects!

def-stasisStasis Mine

Explodes when enemies are nearby and freezes them in place for a while.


res-alloyharvesterAlloy Harvester

Generates Alloy for building construction. Upgrade to increase production rate.

res-alloystorageAlloy Storage

Stores your Alloy. Upgrade and build more for greater overall capacity allowing you to construct advanced structures.

res-harvesterEnergon Harvester

Produces much needed Energon for your [UserFaction] and defenses. Upgrade to increase production.

res-oreharvesterOre-13 Harvester

Harvest potent Ore-13, used to activate Combiners.

res-orestorageOre-13 Storage

Store potent Ore-13, used to activate Combiners.

res-storageEnergon Storage

Stores your Energon. Upgrade and build more to increase capacity.

uti-dronepadBuild Bot

Get more Build Bots to construct and upgrade multiple buildings at once.


Upgrade the Shuttle & Battle with more [UserFaction]!


Upgrade to access more powerful rivals and fight for higher rewards!

uti-spacebridgeSpace Bridge

Transport more [UserFaction] to Earth!

uti-workshopResearch Lab

Upgrade the Research Lab to access more powerful technology.


bld-brk-bigflyerDragon Roost

Home of your Ancient-enhanced dragon units.

bld-brk-bigflyer_shopUpgrade your dragons.

bld-brk-crossbowCrossbow Armory

These ranged units do large amounts of damage, but have very little armor.

bld-brk-crossbow_shopUpgade your crossbow troops here.

bld-brk-cultistPrimus Mage Armory

This fragile unit causes your enemies to take greater damage.

bld-brk-cultist_shopUpgrade your Primus Mages here.

bld-brk-halberdiersSoldier Armoury

These battle hardened troops reinforce your frontlines.

bld-brk-halberdiers_shopUpgrade your Soldiers here.

bld-brk-maulerMauler Armory

These units home in on enemy defenses and become enraged near death.

bld-brk-mauler_shopUpgrade your Maulers here.

bld-brk-paladinPaladin Armory

Durable melee troops which shield critically injured allies.

bld-brk-paladin_shopUpgrade your Paladins here.

bld-brk-raiderStriker Armory

Speedy melee troops that love to loot Energon.

bld-brk-raider_shopUpgrade your Strikers here.

bld-brk-smallflyerPrimus Hunter Armory

Flying ranged troops that seek out Mana.

bld-brk-smallflyer_shopUpgrade your Mana Hunters here.

bld-dragonRoostDragon Roost

The assigned Ancient Dragon will join battles. Enhancing your Dragon Ancient with Primus raises its statistics, and upgrading this Dragon Roost reduces special attack cooldowns.

bld-squadyardTroop Portal

Allows you to bring more squads into battle.