bld-allianceyardAlliance Portal

Allows you to fight with bots sent from other members of your Alliance.

def-multiMulti-Defense System

Switch between three different modes and adapt to your foes!

def-tlockT-Lock Mine

Prevents your attackers from using special abilities.

uti-armouryPower Core Lab

View, equip and improve your collection of Power Cores.

uti-armoury-bot-core-descEquip, manage & fuse your Bot Cores.

uti-armoury-bot-core-titleBot Cores

uti-armoury-building-core-descManage & fuse your Building Cores

uti-armoury-building-core-titleBuilding Cores

uti-bravoBravo Shuttle

Once repaired, [FCB620]Shuttle Bravo[-] can be used in battle to deploy [FCB620]reinforcements[-] and secure your victory!

uti-bravo-brokenBroken Shuttle

Repair this shuttle to send additional troops into battle!



Upgrade your Headquarters to unlock new troop types.


Use the Research Lab to improve your [UserFaction].


Allows you to construct and upgrade more buildings simultaneously.

bld-gold-storageEnergon Storage

Stores your Energon. Upgrade and build more to increase capacity.

bld-smelterEnergon Harvester

Produces Energon for you to harvest.

def-beamBeam Laser

Fires a powerful photon beam at long range. Targets ground bots only.

def-cannonAuto Cannon

Good all-around defense with reasonable range and damage. Does not target flying bots.

def-laserLaser Turret

Shorter range than the Auto Cannon but can hit airborne units dealing extra damage.

def-missileMissile Launcher

Fires a barrage of guided missiles that can strike both air and ground bots.


Fires high-explosive projectiles at long range. Does not target flying bots.

def-outpostAutobot Outpost

Assign an Autobot to defend your base. Upgrade to increase their stats on defense.

def-outpost_DDecepticon Outpost

Assign a Decepticon to defend your base. Upgrade to increase their stats on defense.

def-shockShock Tower

Delivers a nasty jolt of lightning to nearby bots, knocking them back. Immune to EMP effects!

def-stasisStasis Mine

Explodes when enemies are nearby and freezes them in place for a while.


res-alloyharvesterAlloy Harvester

Generates Alloy for building construction. Upgrade to increase production rate.

res-alloystorageAlloy Storage

Stores your Alloy. Upgrade and build more for greater overall capacity allowing you to construct advanced structures.

res-harvesterEnergon Harvester

Produces much needed Energon for your [UserFaction] and defenses. Upgrade to increase production.

res-oreharvesterOre-13 Harvester

Harvest potent Ore-13, used to activate Combiners.

res-orestorageOre-13 Storage

Store potent Ore-13, used to activate Combiners.

res-storageEnergon Storage

Stores your Energon. Upgrade and build more to increase capacity.

uti-dronepadBuild Bot

Get more Build Bots to construct and upgrade multiple buildings at once.


Upgrade the Shuttle & Battle with more [UserFaction]!


Upgrade to access more powerful rivals and fight for higher rewards!

uti-spacebridgeSpace Bridge

Transport more [UserFaction] to Earth!

uti-workshopResearch Lab

Upgrade the Research Lab to access more powerful technology.


bld-brk-bigflyerDragon Roost

Home of your Ancient-enhanced dragon units.

bld-brk-bigflyer_shopUpgrade your dragons.

bld-brk-crossbowCrossbow Armory

These ranged units do large amounts of damage, but have very little armor.

bld-brk-crossbow_shopUpgade your crossbow troops here.

bld-brk-cultistPrimus Mage Armory

This fragile unit causes your enemies to take greater damage.

bld-brk-cultist_shopUpgrade your Primus Mages here.

bld-brk-halberdiersSoldier Armoury

These battle hardened troops reinforce your frontlines.

bld-brk-halberdiers_shopUpgrade your Soldiers here.

bld-brk-maulerMauler Armory

These units home in on enemy defenses and become enraged near death.

bld-brk-mauler_shopUpgrade your Maulers here.

bld-brk-paladinPaladin Armory

Durable melee troops which shield critically injured allies.

bld-brk-paladin_shopUpgrade your Paladins here.

bld-brk-raiderStriker Armory

Speedy melee troops that love to loot Energon.

bld-brk-raider_shopUpgrade your Strikers here.

bld-brk-smallflyerPrimus Hunter Armory

Flying ranged troops that seek out Mana.

bld-brk-smallflyer_shopUpgrade your Mana Hunters here.

bld-dragonRoostDragon Roost

The assigned Ancient Dragon will join battles. Enhancing your Dragon Ancient with Primus raises its statistics, and upgrading this Dragon Roost reduces special attack cooldowns.

bld-squadyardTroop Portal

Allows you to bring more squads into battle.