Decepticons, Combiner Combiner team Hook Mixmaster Longhaul Scrapper Bonecrusher Scavenger Bundles and crystals 10-aerialbots_constructicons 5 Constructicon Crystals + 10 Ore-13 + 35,000 Energon + 2,000 Devastator Spark 100-aerialbots_constructicons 50 Constructicon Crystals + 130 Ore-13 + 750,000 Energon + 40,000 Devastator Spark 20-aerialbots_constructicons Character Bundle Constructicon Bundl 10 Constructicon Crystals + 30 Ore-13 + 75,000 Energon… Continue reading Devastator


Decepticons, Aerial, Bombing Run Bio Though both intelligent and awesomely powerful, Cyclonus is also a cold and consummate professional, one who oozes contempt aimed at those who would undermine the Decepticon cause for personal advancement. He’d rather earn the respect of his fellow Decepticons through his actions than simply by flexing his muscles. In both… Continue reading Cyclonus


Decepticons, Special, Power of Darkness Bio The result of forbidden cyber-cloning experiments, Nemesis Prime is the antithesis of Optimus Prime, his polar opposite. Everything Optimus stands for, Nemesis exists to tear down/take apart. Though programmed with some of Optimus’ memories and skills, Nemesis lacked the experience necessary to process the data, and – bereft of… Continue reading Nemesisprime


Decepticons, Combiner Combiner team Motormaster Dragstrip Deadend Brakeneck Breakdown Offroad Bundles and crystals 10-menasor 5 Stunticon Crystals + 10 Ore-13 + 35,000 Energon + 2,000 Menasor Spark 100-menasor 50 Stunticon Crystals + 130 Ore-13 + 750,000 Energon + 40,000 Menasor Spark 20-menasor 10 Stunticon Crystals + 30 Ore-13 + 75,000 Energon + 4,000 Menasor Spark… Continue reading Menasor