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Autobots, Warrior, Holo Decoy Bio Appearances… can be deceptive. Quick witted and formidable in battle, Arcee is compassionate to her allies but utterly merciless to her enemies. Streamlined bodywork and light alloy construction only mean she’s faster, more agile and ultimately deadlier than most of her fellow Autobots. A master of many weapons, from blasters… Continue reading Arcee


Autobots, Aerial, Air Strike, Combiner, Torchbearers Bio Unlike her twin sister Skyburst, Stormclash fights with a vengeance not normally seen among the Autobots, and there are few lines she won’t cross. Ruthless and battle-hardened, Stormclash is prone to fits of unchecked aggression and ruthlessness, which makes her more pacifist sister uncomfortable. Nevertheless, Stormclash reserves her… Continue reading Stormclash