Autobots, Combiner Combiner team Pyramagna Stormclash Skyburst Dustup Jumpstream Rustdust Bundles and crystals 10-victorion 5 Rust Renegade Crystals + 10 Ore-13 + 35,000 Energon + 2,000 Victorion Spark 100-victorion 50 Rust Renegade Crystals + 130 Ore-13 + 750,000 Energon + 40,000 Victorion Spark 20-victorion Contains Rust Renegade Crystals, which contain a 2, 3, or 4-Star… Continue reading Victorion


Autobots, Special, Ultra Barrage Bio Soldier, law enforcer, staunch defender of Autobot principles, Ultra Magnus is all these things and more. But while he is comfortable following orders, he isn’t as happy giving them. The mantle of leadership doesn’t sit easily on his shoulders, though with his indomitable courage and gift for battlefield improvisation under… Continue reading Ultramagnus