Autobots, Special, *The skill stat shown below is for a Lvl 1 2-star bot (the damage amount changes depending on bot’s level) Bio Following a battle which left him grievously wounded, Optimus Prime’s entire structural integrity and circuitry processors were reprogrammed into a sleeker, stronger, combat-ready configuration. With a new giant laser-targeting rocket launcher, ripple-fire missile… Continue reading Laseroptimusprime


Autobots, Special, *Stats below are for a Level 1 – 2-Star bot* Bio Though young and untested, Optimus Primal soon rose to the challenge of leadership. More down-to-Cybertron than his legendary namesake, and prone to stuffy speeches, Primal is nevertheless committed to the Maximal codes of honor and duty and is brave and selfless in… Continue reading Optimusprimal