Decepticons, Combiner Combiner team Hook Mixmaster Longhaul Scrapper Bonecrusher Scavenger Bundles and crystals 10-aerialbots_constructicons 5 Constructicon Crystals + 10 Ore-13 + 35,000 Energon + 2,000 Devastator Spark 100-aerialbots_constructicons 50 Constructicon Crystals + 130 Ore-13 + 750,000 Energon + 40,000 Devastator Spark 20-aerialbots_constructicons Character Bundle Constructicon Bundle 10 Constructicon Crystals + 30 Ore-13 + 75,000 Energon… Continue reading Devastator


News bulletins Congratulations! Generation 1: Now and Forever! [00]..[ff] [00]..[ff] Undust your tape player and put on your cassette headphones because we are going to travel in time! It s 1984 and the very first episode of Transformers is being aired. Honor those memories with Transformers: Earth Wars featuring NEW: Loading screens – Remember all… Continue reading LangConfig-20180711