News bulletins

Crystal Update Aug. 10th Balance Update

First Aid & Reflector have been permanently added to the following Crystals:
Update Details:

Premium Character Crystal
– Autobot: 2 to 4-Star First Aid
– Decepticon: 2 to 4-Star Reflector
Seismic Charge (Slog/Straxus) – Ability cost decreased by 1 (8 to 7). We feel that this ability is situational, although it has high damage potential it’s hard to pull off. This small improvement should tip its effectiveness into a better balance.

Free Crystal
– Autobot: 2 to 3-Star First Aid
– Decepticon: 2 to 3-Star Reflector
Deploy Minions (Blaster/Soundwave) – Doubled cast range (6 to 12). This change will make it easier to direct your minions and deploy them closer to your intended target.

Orbital Bounce (Kup/Dead End) – Decreased cast range by 10% (from 20 to 18), increased ability cost by 1 per usage. This ability gives an immense strategic advantage as well as a powerful shield. We carefully evaluate the performance of each bot and with the previous cost and range the ability was too powerful.

Release The Hounds/Holo Assault (Hound/Drag Strip) – Reduced ability cost by 1 (from 7 to 6). It’s a fairly strong and reliable ability, but also one that is not widely used. Reducing the abilities cost should make it more favorable to use.


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