Changed bundles


5 Firefly Crystals
+ 35,000 Energon
+ 2,000 Spar

5 Blast Off Crystals
+ 35,000 Energon
+ 2,000 Spark

[  ]
- 5 Firefly Crystals + 35,000 Energon + 2,000 Spar
- 5 Blast Off Crystals + 35,000 Energon + 2,000 Spark

Changed dialogues

[npc-Frenzy:pointleft] Er… *Soundwave*, you remember how badly this went before, right?
[Soundwave:point] My data cache is intact, *Frenzy*. Recall is total. Why do you ask?
[npc-Rumble:shakehead] Because last time you *accidentally* generated a *Kremzeek* we got our circuits sizzled.
No one’s ever really forgiven us for going there in the first place!
[Soundwave:fistpump] That was then. I have created the perfect insulated containment module.
Watch and learn… in short order, we will have a whole cache of weaponized *Kremzeeks*.
[npc-Frenzy:fistpump] Huh. Good thing this secret workshop of yours is well away from the main base.
If this goes south, at least no one will know it was down to us-
[Blaster:point] *Soundwave* – step away from those controls! Whatever you’re up to, we’re here to put a stop to it!
[npc-Frenzy:flinch] Autobots! C’mon, *Rumble* – let’s get with da boom-boom, shake da room!
[Soundwave] *Frenzy* – NO! The *Kremzeek* containment units are resistant to everything but your sonic powers!
[npc-Frenzy] Oh… whoops… might have mentioned that first!
[Perceptor] *Kremzeeks*… everywhere! *Blaster* – warn the others they’re about to get a shock to the system.
[npc-Kremzeek] Hee-hee, fryin’ tonight!
[Megatron:pointleft] Time to main strike?
[Soundwave:fistpump] T-minus 10 seconds, mighty *Megatron*.
[Skywarp] *Seekers* calling in!
The *Autobots* won’t know what hit ’em!
[Starscream:flinch] Wait!
We’re detecting an *EMP device*. It’s primed to go off the moment we enter *Autobot* airspace. It’ll neutralize our entire *Kremzeek* armory!
[Soundwave:shakehead] No… NO! How can this be? It’s almost as if… someone pre-warned the *Autobots*.
[Megatron:facepalm] Nonsense! Clearly the shielding on your containment units was flawed, *Soundwave*.
The *Autobots* saw us coming a mile off. Abort! Abort!
[Starscream:fistpump] With pleasure… I mean, oh dear. What a terrible shame. Perhaps now you’ll listen to me… and not that incompetent fool, *Soundwave*.
[Megatron] Still, at least we have our *Kremzeek* arsenal… for another time. The *Autobots* have no such stockpile!
[Bumblebee:pointleft] Now look, guys, here’s the house rules: Keep out of sight. Don’t short-circuit any Autobots… and we’ll all live happily ever after.
What do you say?
[npc-Kremzeek] KREM-ZEEEEK!
[Megatron:tauntleft] You did WHAT?
So help me, *Soundwave*, if you don’t clean up this mess, I’ll force-feed you every *Kremseek* you’ve unleashed!
[Soundwave] Admittedly, this is not quite ‘as conceived’, mighty *Megatron*, but I have managed to isolate and weaponize a number of *Kremzeeks*.
[Megatron:pointleft] Well then, send them where they can do the most damage.
With their defenses shorted out and systems crashed, the *Autobot* bases will be vulnerable.
[Soundwave:fistpump] Exactly. Total victory is assured!
[Megatron] Hmm. *Starscream* – ready the *Seekers*. But this time… you’ll be carrying a very special payload.
[Starscream] Blast, this plan of *Soundwave’s* might actually work. That won’t do at all!
[npc-Rumble] Er… boss. We got *Autobot* reinforcements incoming. An’ they mean business. Do we stand our ground or abandon power plant?
[Soundwave] Hold them off as long as you can, *Rumble*. Once our *Kremzeek* blitzkrieg begins – all shall fall.

Also changed

premium-pack-3-name=Mega Value Pack

[Optimus:facepalm] *Kremzeeks*… again?
[Bumblebee:clap] Awww. I mean, I know they’re live wires, but they’re so cute… and cuddly! You… just want to catch ’em all!
[Blaster:pointleft] *Optimus* – we need to contain this abandoned power plant *Soundwave* used to brew up his batch of *Kremzeeks*.
Then round up the ones that already skedaddled.
[Optimus] Agreed. *Bumblebee* – take a tac-team, you’re on clean-up duty.
*Kup* – *Blaster* needs a fireteam at that power station.
[Kup:pointleft] An abandoned power station? This brings way too many memories… I’m on it, *Prime!*
[Bumblebee:fistpump] Can I keep one this time… just a teeny-tiny sparklet? I’d house-train it.
[Optimus] NO!
[Bumblebee:shakehead] Spoilsport.
[Optimus] I fear the *Decepticons* will try and make an already bad situation… much, much worse!

Also new

[Bumblebee:pointleft] C’mere, little fella. I won’t hurt you. I just need to slap these neutralizer cuffs on and-YEEOW!
[npc-kremzeek] Sorry, I got a short fuse. Geddit? Hee-hee.
[Mirage:facepalm] *Bumblebee*! This is crazy! Let’s just blow ’em into charged particles and be done with it.
[Bumblebee:flinch] *Mirage* – NO! They’re just… doing what comes naturally – OW! – even if it is – YIII! – shock everything and everybody in sight.
[Cliffjumper:flinch] OOH-EEE! Where’s Sparkplug’s *Magical Insulating Spray* when you need it!
[Bumblebee:victory] Actually, Cliffjumper, I kept some… from last time… y’know, just in case.
[Mirage:fistpump] Here, gimme that. Ahhh… ooooh… that hits the spot.
Now – begin operation: Kremzeek Purge!
[Bumblebee:shakehead] What? Who called it that?
Don’t- they’re- all… gone. And I even gave this one a name. RIP… AC/DC.
[Cliffjumper:facepalm] I’m gonna lose my lube lunch!

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