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Hot Spot & Tantrum Crystals Sunstreaker and Swindle Crystals

Eye for an eye!

Turn your enemies defense against them with Hot Spot or Tantrum, available from their Crystal in the shop now! Watch the world burn with Sunstreaker or Swindle, available from their Crystal in the shop now!

Direct the Dialogue – The Conclusion! Mission Accomplished


A wild roar resonates through the jungles of Quintessa as two beasts trade blows with a single thought in mind: kill or be killed.

Join Snarl and Hun-gurrr as the Quintessa saga reaches its epic conclusion and fight on this weekend’s event Leaderboard for a chance to unlock a 3 or 4-Star Snarl or Hun-gurr!

Start Date: 4/8/2017 11:00 UTC
End Date: 7/8/2017 11:00 UTC
Bot Experience: 200%
Prestiges: None
How to Participate?

Join an Alliance and reach HQ Level 4!

Tap the Event button!

Select an Event Battlezone to fight in!

Win your battle and gather Battle Points!

Collect prizes!

Continue to earn Battle Points.

Secure your rank on the Event Leaderboard

Win amazing guaranteed prizes!

Alliance Leaderboards

Alliance Leaderboards allow you to earn Battle Points after redeeming all of your tiered prizes. Leaderboard Prizes are awarded based on your rank in relation to other Alliances in the game.

[b][FFC800]Only the top 40 alliance members Battle Point contributions will count towards your Alliance

s Leaderboard score.[ffffff][/b]

Leaderboard Prizes are distributed at the end of the event and may take some time to process and appear.

Alliance Events:

During Alliance events, you will earn points for rewards for the Alliance you’re currently a member of. Points earned will remain with that Alliance, even if you decide to leave.

If you leave an Alliance you will not receive any additional rewards from that Alliance and may miss out on some rewards if you join a new Alliance.

Event Battle Zones:

Battle Points can only be earned by winning a battle in an Event Battle Zone. Event Battle Zones are accessed through the event menu. Event Battle Zones offer Battle Points and Bonus Experience but do not reward Energon or Alloy.

More challenging Event Battle Zones will reward additional Battle Points!

Changed dialogues

[npc-empty-d] Back inside an ancient temple on *Quintessa*.
[Hungurrr] I don’t get it. The scenes on this temple wall… they’re US! Me an’ *Snarl*. Talk about temporal paradoxes.
Somehow, we’re in our own past? This time-travel stuff does my head in. Good likenesses though.
[Soundwave:pointleft] We have a lock. Initiating *Space Bridge* retrieval cycle. We have him, *Megatron.*
[Megatron:victory] About time… so to speak. *Hun-Gurrr* – report. Was your mission successful?
[Hungurrr] Sure was, boss. I managed to scan and download *Quintessa’s hive mind matrix*.
Figure a bright ‘bot like *Shockwave* should be able to remodel it for *Cybertronian* minds… eventually.
[Megatron:fistpump] Excellent! The *next generation of Combiners* shall be multiple minds united as one. A warrior possessing the skills and knowledge of many.
[Snarl] The *Sharkticons*… biting me all over. I’m finished.
[Grimlock] It not *Sharkticons*, it me. *Grimlock* so pleased to see *Snarl* he forget himself… overcome with emotion. Sniff.
[Snarl] I’m back… on *Earth*?! You got me *out*. And guess what?
Sure, I nearly ended up an entree, but I got it. The *Combiner cog* unique to *Quintessa*… that means the *Dinobots*… will soon all be one! Sure, I nearly ended up an entree, but I got it. If the data I found on *Quintessa* is correct… the *Dinobots*… will soon all be one!
[Grimlock] Awww… me *Grimlock* love happy ending.
[Snarl] Eeyah – enough with the biting already!

Also new

bot-snarl_hungurrr-A-desc=Guaranteed 2-Star Snarl!
bot-snarl_hungurrr-A-desc_D=Guaranteed 2-Star Hun-gurrr!
bot-snarl_hungurrr-A-name=2-Star Snarl Crystal
bot-snarl_hungurrr-A-name_D=2-Star Hun-gurrr Crystal
bot-snarl_hungurrr-B-desc=Guaranteed 3-Star Snarl!
bot-snarl_hungurrr-B-desc_D=Guaranteed 3-Star Hun-gurrr!
bot-snarl_hungurrr-B-name=3-Star Snarl Crystal
bot-snarl_hungurrr-B-name_D=3-Star Hun-gurrr Crystal
bot-snarl_hungurrr-C-desc=Guaranteed 4-Star Snarl!
bot-snarl_hungurrr-C-desc_D=Guaranteed 4-Star Hun-gurrr!
bot-snarl_hungurrr-C-name=4-Star Snarl Crystal
bot-snarl_hungurrr-C-name_D=4-Star Hun-gurrr Crystal

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