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Worlds Collide Quintessential

It’s no coincidence that Snarl and Hun-Gurrr have both arrived on this new planet at the same time. Both bots have been given a mission and neither wants to fail!

Join Snarl & Hun-Gurrr and learn more about this new land while earning Resources, Spark, Boosts and Crystal Shards!

Start Date: 14/7/2017 11:00 UTC
End Date: 17/7/2017 11:00 UTC
Bot Experience: 200%
Prestiges: None

How to Participate?

Reach HQ Level 4!

Tap the Event button!

Select an Event Battlezone to fight in!

Win your battle and gather Battle Points!

Collect prizes!

Event Battle Zones:

Battle Points can only be earned by winning a battle in an Event Battle Zone. Event Battle Zones are accessed through the event menu. Event Battle Zones offer Battle Points and Bonus Experience but do not reward Energon or Alloy.

Mirage and Brawl Crystal Rust Dust & Scavenger Crystals


Leave your opponents in your dust with Mirage or Brawl, available from their Crystal in the shop now! Lay down cover fire with Rust Dust or Scavenger, available from their Crystal in the shop now!

LIVE Thursday: Simon Furman & Worlds Collide! LIVE Thursday: Quintessential!


Join us for the final week of the Multiverse Saga with comic writing legend SIMON FURMAN! Join us as we kick off a brand new Saga!

Plus we’ll check out the conclusion of Direct the Dialogue, for which Simon will do the reading! And as we mentioned last week, this Thursday we’ll have Giveaways! So put your thinking caps on and get ready for some trivia.

Catch Deb, Adam and Simon LIVE Thursday, July 6 @4pm UTC. Catch Deb and Adam LIVE Thursday, July 13 @4pm UTC.

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LIVE NOW: Simon Furman & Worlds Collide! LIVE NOW: Quintessential!


Join us as we venture further into the MULTIVERSE SAGA and give you your first look at Laser Optimus and Armada Megatron!
Join us as we kick off a brand new Saga!

Plus we’ll check out the winner of this week’s Direct the Dialogue, highlight some runner ups and set the scene for next week.

And as we mentioned last week, today we’ll have Giveaways! So put your thinking caps on and get ready for some trivia.

Join Deb and Adam LIVE NOW!

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Changed dialogues

[npc-empty-a] Welcome to *Quintessa*…
[Snarl] *Sharkticons!* Coming at us from all sides. And they look hungry!
[Hungurrr] I was batch-protoformed hungry. An’ if I’m going down, it’ll be with a full stomach.
[Snarl] Look, *Hun-Gurrr*, as we’re both stranded on *Quintessa,* with no way home, and we’re today’s ‘special’.
What say we forget put our own feud on the back-burner and fight together. Tag-team ’em.
[Hungurrr] Sure, why not? I got better things to do today than be messily devoured and digested. So it’s… stomp a *Sharkticon* time!
[npc-Sharkticon] Oof! Ungh! Food disagree with us!
[Snarl] There’s too many of them. For every six I mangle, twenty more appear.
[Hungurrr] <MWOWF> <CHAMP> Don’t talk, *Snarl*… EAT! Boy, these critters are chewy. <PTUP>
[Snarl] Yuck! Where’s my Dino-buddies when I really need ’em?
[Grimlock] So *Snarl* have company on *Quintessa*? Who?
[Prowl:point] Judging by the secondary brain module, not to mention the secondary food processor, I’d say *Hun-Gurrr*.
[Grimlock] The *Terrorcon*? Quick, me *Grimlock* go to *Quintessa*. Munch metal!
[Kup:shakehead] No can do, my pea-brained buddy. The *Space Bridge* still needs to re-calibrate. No long-distance trips! *Snarl’s* on his own.
[npc-empty-a] Back on *Quintessa*…
[Snarl] So! That’s how it’s going to be, huh? I save your hide, dragon-breath, and you repay me with a one-way ticket to the scrapyard.
[Hungurrr] Nothin’ personal, but yeh. See, my mission’s been compromised… and that puts *you* on the *endangered species list*.
[Snarl] Better ‘bots than you have tried, *Hun-Gurrr*. I’ll kick your armored aft from here to *Nebulos*.
[Hungurrr] <RRAGH> Let the carnage begin!
[npc-Sharkticon] Look, batch brothers! Food fight!
[npc-empty-d] Back inside an ancient temple on *Quintessa*.
[Hungurrr] I don’t get it. The scenes on this temple wall… they’re US! Me an’ *Snarl*. Talk about temporal paradoxes.
Somehow, we’re in our own past? This time-travel stuff does my head in. Good likenesses though.
[Soundwave:pointleft] We have a lock. Initiating *Space Bridge* retrieval cycle. We have him, *Megatron.*
[Megatron:victory] About time… so to speak. *Hun-Gurrr* – report. Was your mission successful?
[Hungurrr] Sure was, boss. I managed to scan and download *Quintessa’s hive mind matrix*.
Figure a bright ‘bot like *Shockwave* should be able to remodel it for *Cybertronian* minds… eventually.
[Megatron:fistpump] Excellent! The *next generation of Combiners* shall be multiple minds united as one. A warrior possessing the skills and knowledge of many.
[Snarl] The *Sharkticons*… biting me all over. I’m finished.
[Grimlock] It not *Sharkticons*, it me. *Grimlock* so pleased to see *Snarl* he forget himself… overcome with emotion. Sniff.
[Snarl] I’m back… on *Earth*?! You got me *out*. And guess what?
Sure, I nearly ended up an entree, but I got it. The *Combiner cog* unique to *Quintessa*… that means the *Dinobots*… will soon all be one!
[Grimlock] Awww… me *Grimlock* love happy ending.
[Snarl] Eeyah – enough with the biting already!
[npc-empty-a] Meanwhile on *Quintessa*.
[Snarl] OOF! GNN! This is getting us nowhere – we’re too evenly matched. Too thick-headed to know when to quit!
[Hungurrr] NNF! HUF! Speak for yourself! Both my heads are spinning?
[Snarl] Truce? Or do we keep butting heads till we both fall over?
[Hungurrr] Um, definitely truce. Cease and desist – NOW!
[Snarl] That was, er, deceptively easy. What’s the catch?
[Hungurrr] The ‘catch’… is that *tsunami* of *Sharkticons* converging on our position and bearing seasoning.
[Snarl] Oh. Right. Yeah. Guess all we did last time was kick the cyber-hornet’s nest.
[Hungurrr] Maybe I should have mentioned… but it was kind of classified…
*Sharkticons* have a variety of hive mind. Hurt one. You hurt ’em all. Don’t suppose you got another a’them zaps in you?
[Snarl] Nope. I almost drained my solar cells last time. They’re flat as roadkill. Guess it’s time for plan B. *RUN!!!*
[Optimus:pointleft] Can you restore the *Space Bridge* link, *Prowl*?
[Prowl:shakehead] Negative, Prime. Because the far end is out of normal space-time, it’s subject to wild fluctuations in the chrono-sphere. Just… hard to maintain a lock.
[Grimlock] You lose *Snarl?* Where me find another at short notice? Dumb plan.
[npc-empty-a] Back on a *Quintesson* planet…
[Snarl] Listen, *Hun-Gurrr* – if you get in my way, you are gone – simple as that. But I got no beef with you.
[Hungurrr] Eh? No beef? Shame. My favorite. But a nice heaped plate of havoc will do just as well.
[Snarl] Oh well, so much for small talk. It’s time to butt heads – plural!
[npc-sharkticon] Attack! Devour! Feast!
[Snarl] Eh? What are those?
[Hungurrr] *Sharkticons*. Native species. Taste like chicken.
[Snarl] You know what they say… see *Quintessa*… and die!

Also changed

faq-title-payment=Payment Issues

[Megatron] What just happened, *Soundwave?* That flash almost burned out my optics.
[Soundwave] Readings suggest a *solar event*, *Lord Megatron*… but on the planet surface.
Hold! Telemetry indicates an *Autobot* spark signature.
[Bludgeon] *Snarl*. Got to be. Storing solar energy is his bag.
[Megatron] Get a message to *Hun-Gurrr*. *Eliminate Snarl* – with extreme prejudice.
[Hungurrr] Um… looks like our lines of communication to *Earth* have been restored, *Snarl* ol’ buddy. I got new orders.
[Snarl] Oh? And what were your original orders?
You *can’t* be here on *Quintessa* for the same reason I am. It makes no sense. So… what?
[Hungurrr] Um, *classified*. If I told you I’d have to kill you, y’know?
[Snarl] Oh-kay. And your *new orders?*
[Hungurrr] Oh, sure, no problem there. See… I just gotta kill you.
kl-round-finishin=DAY [day] FINISH IN:

[npc-empty-d] Meanwhile on *Quintessa*.
[Hungurrr] Y’know what, *Snarl?* I just had a thought. Maybe it’s not me the *Sharkticons* are pissed at.
After all, it was *you* lit ’em up like *Iacon’s Candlewatt Square*.
[Snarl] Why do I get the feeling, *Hun-Gurrr*… this is goodbye?
[Hungurrr] It’s more… divide and conquer. We divide and *you* get conquered. Seeya!
[Snarl] Blast! He was right. The *Sharkticons* are all coming after me!
*Grimlock* – if you can hear me… I need emergency extraction – *NOW!*
[Hungurrr] Haw-haw! Look at that *Dinobot* go. And while he keeps the *Sharkticons* busy…
I’ll hole up in that *weird-looking temple* that must be at least 1600 years old.
[Grimlock] Hurry! Re-open *Space Bridge*! Bring *Snarl* back!
[Prowl] I’m trying, I’m trying… almost there.
[Grimlock] Almost not good enough! *Snarl* in *BIG* trouble.
[Hungurrr] Whoa! What is this place?
faction_unlock-2-desc=Build the ultimate *[UserRivalFactionSingular] team*!
fchar-wheeljack-name=Wheeljack Crystal

[Megatron:pointleft] What’s happening? This was supposed to be a simple retrieval mission – in and out. Why hasn’t he come back?
[Soundwave] Chronometric interference from original time-quake has temporarily severed *Space Bridge* uplink, mighty *Megatron*.
[Megatron:facepalm] In other words, you lost him. He’s on his own. Ah well, if I know *Hun-Gurrr*… he’ll fit right in there.
[npc-empty-d] Meanwhile, on a distant planet…
[Hungurrr] Don’t know what I just ate… but it tasted great! Kicked and struggled too. Always a bonus.
Anyway… guess I better get on with what I came here to do.
[npc-sharkticon] Hehhn… we spy take-out! Gather others… and ring dinner bell. But the heads… are ours. Hehn-hehn.
[Snarl] This crazy mixed up place… everything’s eating everything else. But at least there are no… *Decepticons*?!
[Hungurrr] *Snarl?* Well, well. Look, relax, I love *Dinobots*… but I couldn’t eat a whole one.
[Snarl] Great. A whole alien planet and I bump into you, *Hun-Gurrr*. What are the odds? Unless… you’re here for the same reason I am?

Also new

[Grimlock] Hurry! Restore chrono-thingy lock. Get *Snarl* back! Or send *me* to *Quintessa*!
[Arcee:point] Wow, *Grimlock,* you seem genuinely concerned for your fellow *Dinobot*.
[Grimlock] They so hard to replace. And me *hate* the interviews.
[Prowl] I’m starting to receive telemetry from the planet again. The chronostatic interference must be clearing. But…
I’m registering a *massive concentration of lifeforms*. I can’t single Snarl out!
[npc-empty-a] Meanwhile, the *Sharkticon* hordes descend upon their prey on *Quintessa*!
[Snarl] There’s too many of ’em. Stand back, *Hun-Gurrr*, I’m going to try something…
[Hungurrr] Try it fast, *Snarl*. I never thought I’d say this, but I’m full.
[Snarl] Since I first got here, I’ve been storing massive amounts of *Quintessa’s* solar radiation in my *spine plates*.
I’m going to channel it into one almighty *electro-static blast*. And-
[Hungurrr] WHOA! *Frying tonight!*

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