Changed dialogues

[npc-autobot:thinking] WEEK 1: Megatron has invited Optimus Prime to drive-in cinema for a truce. But, Megatron being the conniving villain that he is, is actually trying to set a trap for Optimus Prime.
Optimus Prime has just realized the friendly invitation is actually a malevolent trap.
[npc-decepticon:happy] Winner: *drivebelt* of Wavebreaker Bots
[Optimus:shakehead] So…a trap. I should have known all along *Megatron!*
[Megatron:taunt] Of course, you parked up fool! Wishing you had a blaster instead of some popcorn?
[Optimus:tauntleft] I’ll beat you with my bare hands before the trailers have finished!!
[Megatron:point] *Decepticons!* Dim the lights on this old relic!
[npc-decepticon:point] WEEK 2: Optimus Prime and Megatron still find themselves in the cinema ready for attack.Startled cinema-goers fumble for their mobile phones to call the police.
Just before Optimus and Megatron deal their first blows, they hear a siren. In barges Drift, ready to defend Optimus Prime with police in tow.
But wait, this isn
t the letter of the law, it
s the opposite. Barricade roars into transformation. Stunned, Drift readies his swords.
[npc-autobot:happy] Winner: *Acidpour* of Technicons:
[Barricade:tauntleft] Feeling lucky enough to bring only knives to a shootout?
[Drift:point] If you
re threatening police brutality, I
d prefer to play my director
s cut!
[Barricade:fistpump] HA! This fight will be your fade to black!
[Drift:taunt] With all these cellphone cameras in here…
Ready for your big close up?
[Barricade:pointleft] Ready when you are granolabot.
[Drift] Then catch me if you can!
[npc-autobot:thinking] WEEK 3: Drift has rushed out of the drive-in cinema with Barricade in hot pursuit. Just then, Bumblebee comes back from the concession stand with popcorn.
Coincidentally he had been in the cinema the whole time, getting ready to catch a matinee. Suddenly, he hears the swoosh of a fighter jet overhead.
Starscream has heard the commotion over his comms and sees the chaos as a golden opportunity to take over leadership of the Decepticons.
He sits back and watches Optimus and Megatron fight in glee. Bumblebee spots him and runs over.
[npc-decepticon:happy] Winner: *PRIMETIME* of Deathstrykers
[Bumblebee] Hey *Screamer*, what
s the matter? Did your wings get clipped?
[Starscream] Ha, the *Autobot* pest. Why don
t you buzz off before I swat you like the insect you are?
[Bumblebee] This bug is about to ground you permanently!
[Starscream] Only in a sci-fi film. In the real world, bugs get squashed.
[Bumblebee] Looks like I found something else to POP besides popcorn. Let
s rumble!
[npc-decepticon:point] WEEK 4: There
s an all out brawl at the drive-in cinema, popcorn is flying everywhere. In the background the screen comes alight with a flash, but it
s not the feature film.
The Bots embroiled in combat freeze and turn their gaze to the spectacle. Suddenly, Laser Optimus and Armada Megatron burst through the screen.
[npc-autobot:happy] Winner: *Bluepatriot1* of Legacy Knights
[ArmadaMegatron:tauntleft] I’ll crush you just like I crushed *Bumblebee’s* popcorn! <punch>
[LaserOptimus:point] <draws sword> One shall stand. One shall fall.
[ArmadaMegatron:fistpump] *Megatron!* Super Mode!
[LaserOptimus:taunt] A super mode won’t even come close to stopping me! <slice!>
[ArmadaMegatron:pointleft] Think again, Auto-brat! <boom!>
[LaserOptimus] <dodge> <kick!> Touché, *Megatron!*

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