News bulletins

Event Horizon (Part 2 of 3) AVATAR AVALANCHE!


In response to Decepticon plans of venturing into new universes and enlisting the most powerful and dreadful allies, Optimus Prime has requested help from a very special hunter.

Play the Transmision to find out the latest developments in the You asked for it… AND WE’VE MADE IT!

Event Horizon One of the most requested features is available now: more Avatars!

! Every time you unlock a new character of any star rating, a new avatar will be added to your collection. This even includes Combiners!

We will also be releasing exclusive avatars, acquirable only through events and promotions. Don

t miss out, be sure to complete your avatar collection!

Please note: Character avatars can only be acquired for your main faction. (Life would become a little confusing otherwise!)

Also new

bot-laserOptimus_armadaMegatron-A-desc=Guaranteed 2-Star Laser Optimus!
bot-laserOptimus_armadaMegatron-A-desc_D=Guaranteed 2-Star Armada Megatron!
bot-laserOptimus_armadaMegatron-A-name=2-Star Laser Optimus Crystal
bot-laserOptimus_armadaMegatron-A-name_D=2-Star Armada Megatron Crystal
bot-laserOptimus_armadaMegatron-B-desc=Guaranteed 3-Star Laser Optimus!
bot-laserOptimus_armadaMegatron-B-desc_D=Guaranteed 3-Star Armada Megatron!
bot-laserOptimus_armadaMegatron-B-name=3-Star Laser Optimus Crystal
bot-laserOptimus_armadaMegatron-B-name_D=3-Star Armada Megatron Crystal
bot-laserOptimus_armadaMegatron-C-desc=Guaranteed 4-Star Laser Optimus!
bot-laserOptimus_armadaMegatron-C-desc_D=Guaranteed 4-Star Armada Megatron!
bot-laserOptimus_armadaMegatron-C-name=4-Star Laser Optimus Crystal
bot-laserOptimus_armadaMegatron-C-name_D=4-Star Armada Megatron Crystal

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