News bulletins Critical Mass (part 1 of 2) Face to Face [00]..[ff] After narrowly avoiding a certain death Snarl and Hun-gurrr continue their mission on Quintessa. With the danger passed their temporary truce fails. Their missions resume and Death seems inevitable, but who will be the first to fall? Participate now in the next Quintessa… Continue reading LangConfig-Month-2017-07


News bulletins Quintessential Death s Trap (part 1 of 2) [00]..[ff] Snarl and Hun-gurrr’s argument hasn’t gone unnoticed… A group of Sharkticons have converged on the unwary arguers ready to devour the brave and foolish enough to visit their home! Get ready to defend Snarl and Hun-gurrr from the Sharkticons and get a chance to… Continue reading LangConfig-20170719


News bulletins Worlds Collide Quintessential [00]..[ff] It’s no coincidence that Snarl and Hun-Gurrr have both arrived on this new planet at the same time. Both bots have been given a mission and neither wants to fail! Join Snarl & Hun-Gurrr and learn more about this new land while earning Resources, Spark, Boosts and Crystal Shards!… Continue reading LangConfig-20170711


Changed dialogues event-player_created-combined [npc-autobot:thinking] WEEK 1: Megatron has invited Optimus Prime to drive-in cinema for a truce. But, Megatron being the conniving villain that he is, is actually trying to set a trap for Optimus Prime. Optimus Prime has just realized the friendly invitation is actually a malevolent trap. [npc-decepticon:happy] Winner: *drivebelt* of Wavebreaker Bots… Continue reading LangConfig-20170706


News bulletins Blaster and Soundwave Crystal Ironhide and Bludgeon Crystal [00]..[ff] [00]..[ff] Drown out your enemies with Blaster or Soundwave, available from their Crystal in the shop now! Tougher than your average bot… Strengthen your squad with Ironhide or Bludgeon, available from their Crystal in the shop now! Changed bundles iapBundle-deathsaurus Deathsaurus Bundle Contains Deathsaurus… Continue reading LangConfig-20170705