Changed dialogues

[Drift] I’m ready. Though for what, I don’t know. Care to enlighten me?
[Optimus:point] The *Decepticons* are on a recruitment drive – across *alternate Earths*. And their asset is already in play.
[Drift] Asset. Singular? Why not send a team? An army?
[Perceptor:point] The energy expenditure needed to punch a hole in the *Multiversal Membrane* is massive. Solo is our only option.
[Drift:victory] Fine. Do it. Perhaps now the others will believe I am in earnest when I pledge my allegiance to the *Autobot* cause.
[Barricade:clap] This place makes our *Earth* look like a retirement home! The carnage is ceaseless… the fighting never stops. *I LOVE IT!*
[Drift:tauntleft] *Barricade!* I should have known they’d send you to a whacked out warzone like this.
[Barricade:point] *Drift*… good. Someone I can pound into scrap metal and sell by the kilo. Or is it *Deadlock*? I can’t keep up.
You change names – and sides – like other ‘bots change their oil filters.
[Drift:victory] That’s fighting talk, *Barricade*. How’d you want to do this?
[Barricade:taunt] Head on. How else?
[Hungurrr] Whuuuh – why is everything continually spinning through 360 degrees like this? Nothing on this world is still – ever!
And the NOISE, the LIGHTS! Everyone’s shooting at me… why, WHY?
[Barricade:point] Get in my way, *Drift*… and they’ll find your gutted remains by the roadside. I’ve got my sights set on that big ‘bot over there.
[Drift] But… isn’t that an *Autobot*?
[Barricade:fistpump] Who cares? They’re all pretty hardcore here. They remind me of me.
Maybe after I slap this *cross-dimensional beacon* on him I’ll stick around… and PARTY!
[Drift:victory] Not if I have any say in the matter. Time… to put the pedal to the metal.
[Barricade:clap] That’s the spirit. Never say die. Or rather, do! Yeee-hah!
[Hungurrr] Ohhh… my heads hurt. Eh… that’s better. I must be getting my cross-dimensional travel legs.
Now… where’s that *Barricade*? It’s my job… to see he fails. Hurr-hurr!
[Drift:flinch] Wow – what just happened? Suddenly it’s raining missiles!
[Barricade] I’ve never seen so much gigantic military ordnance in one place, an’ all aimed at us! I’m startin’ to get a real inferiority complex.
[Drift:shakehead] Nothing makes sense here. I’m losing the plot…
[Barricade:point] Anyway, you’re too late, *Drift*. I just bagged me a *Lockdown*. Eh? Nothing’s happening. It’s like…
[Drift:facepalm] … some god-like force is making this alternate universe… untouchable.
[Barricade:taunt] Oh well. Onto the next alternate. Nothing can stop me n-ooof!
[Hungurrr] Hurr! *Hungurrr* always say… timing is everything.
[Drift] Another ‘con? Here? What’s going on?
No… *Barricade’s* activating his dimensional jump key. They’re going… going… *GONE!* But to where?
[Hungurrr] Where are we? And why are the colours so glaring and garish?
[Barricade:point] This alternate universe was designated *G-2* by *Shockwave*, whatever that means.
Just some dead end reality. What are you doing here anyway, *Hungurrr?* Wait! Don’t tell me… *Starscream*.
[Hungurrr] Awww. You spoiled the surprise.
Yeah, he *sent me* to make sure *you failed*. Y’know how he is, if he can’t have it, no one can.
[Barricade:fistpump] Look, what say we team up? Two… er three… heads are better than one.
[Hungurrr] Ah, okay. Shall we grab one here?
[Barricade:facepalm] Are you kidding? All those day-glo greens and luminous oranges – I’d lose my lube lunch. Let’s go…
[Drift:shakehead] No! I’m too late. The *Decepticons* are literally one jump ahead of me.
[LaserOptimus:point] You, *Autobot* – identify yourself.
[Drift] *Optimus???*
[Drift:pointleft] *Optimus Prime?* I- we need your help. It’s hard to explain… and not getting any easier…
But unless we stop those two *Decepticons* we may well lose the *Earth Wars*.
[LaserOptimus:victory] Say no more. My *laser rod* is at your disposal. Where are we going?
[Drift] Wherever they went. Are you ready?
[LaserOptimus:fistpump] I was batch-initiated ready!
[Hungurrr] Where are we now? I think I left part of me behind in that last alternate Earth.
[Barricade:point] I don’t really know. We’re off the map. But look… that is exactly what we need!
[ArmadaMegatron:tauntleft] Tremble humans… fall beneath the power of the *Requiem Blaster!*
[Hungurrr] *Megatron!*
[Barricade:flinch] And he’s got Mini-Cons.
[Hungurrr] Is that catching?

Also new

[LaserOptimus:victory] The scenery changes, but the war goes on.
This new Earth needs my help just as much as the old one. And I have a *Megatron* or three to track down.
[Kup:facepalm] Two *Optimuses*… an *Optimus Primal*… and Three *Megatrons*… what in tarnation is going on around here?
[Grimlock] Still only one *Grimlock*. Bah.
[LaserOptimus:point] I can’t say I fully understand how there’s more than one of me… but, well, a fan favorite is a fan favorite. I’m just saying.
[Drift:tauntleft] Let’s go. Before our *Megatrons* have a meeting of minds.
[LaserOptimus:fistpump] My *Laser Rod* stands ready!
[Arcee:facepalm] I do wish he wouldn’t keep saying that.
[ArmadaMegatron] So… a hunting party. Good, good… I will show them all that in the quest for power… *Megatron* is supreme.
[ArmadaMegatron:facepalm] Three *Megatrons*… that will never do. I alone should be the supreme power, whatever universe I find myself in.
[Megatron:taunt] You will do my bidding, *Megatron*, is that understood?
[ArmadaMegatron:pointleft] Of course, *Megatron*. I know my place.
[MegatronTrex] Yesss! As do I… NOT. If we are truly born to rule – then we must all know that this can never work. Why even bother with the pretense?
[Megatron] A power struggle then? Perhaps you’re right. Perhaps this is inevitable.
[ArmadaMegatron] No, no… we can still make this work. Trust me.
[Starscream] I like this new *Megatron*. He’s as two-faced as me. I think… I may just have found a new ally.
[LaserOptimus] *Megatron*… *s*! This triumvirate of evil must fall – face me in battle!

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