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Handle with Care Rogue Trader

Earth Wars universe expands with the prospects of the Multiverse – countless alternate realities, populated by new, terrifying Decepticons and the Autobots determined to stop them.

Witness the beginning of the Multiverse saga now and earn Boosts, Spark, and Crystal Shards!

Start Date: 9/6/2017 11:00 UTC
End Date: 12/6/2017 11:00 UTC
Bot Experience: 200%
Prestiges: None

How to Participate?

Join an Alliance and reach HQ Level 4!

Tap the Event button!

Select an Event Battlezone to fight in!

Win your battle and gather Battle Points!

Collect prizes!

Alliance Events:

During Alliance events, you will earn points for rewards for the Alliance you’re currently a member of. Points earned will remain with that Alliance, even if you decide to leave.

If you leave an Alliance you will not receive any additional rewards from that Alliance and may miss out on some rewards if you join a new Alliance.

Event Battle Zones:

Battle Points can only be earned by winning a battle in an Event Battle Zone. Event Battle Zones are accessed through the event menu. Event Battle Zones offer Battle Points and Bonus Experience, but do not reward Energon or Alloy.

More challenging Event Battle Zones will reward additional Battle Points

Smokescreen & Brake-Neck have been permanently added to the following Crystals:

Premium Character Crystal
– Autobot: 2 to 4-Star Smokescreen
– Decepticon: 2 to 4-Star-Brake Neck – Decepticon: 2 to 4-Star Brake-Neck

Free Crystal
– Autobot: 2 to 3-Star Smokescreen
– Decepticon: 2 to 3-Star Brake-Neck

Changed dialogues

[Bludgeon] We have enough Crystals! Let’s use them in the *Space Bridge* to welcome Megatron.
[Megatron] Mwahawhaw! Earth, here I come…!

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