News bulletins

n/a 在本週取得聯盟黃金名

n/a 知道快打聯盟有什麼優勢嗎?! 與你的聯盟夥伴在本週活動中奮戰,最先完成聯盟活動積分的前五名台港澳聯盟,即可獲得象徵榮耀的永久黃金聯盟名! 活動開始:2017年6月2日(五)下午7點 活動結束:2017年6月5日(一)下午7點 欲了解活動詳情,請點擊下面按鈕。
n/a 前往了解詳情

Changed ability info

Healing Grenade

Launch a grenade that recovers [StatValue] health to all [UserFaction] in a large area over 5 seconds.

Changed character info


Explodes into furious, ferocious action, tearing his opponents to shreds.

Razorclaw despises waste in any form, and that extends to his own energy output.
So it’s perhaps understandable why so many mistake his long stretches of inactivity as laziness, when in fact his optics are carefully monitoring his surroundings, waiting for the optimum moment to strike.

Suddenly, Razorclaw will explode into furious, ferocious action, during which his opponents are literally torn to shreds.

Changed bundles

Wheeljack Wheeljac
[ Wheeljac ]

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