Character classes

Triple Changer

Triple Changers come with two special abilities making them highly versatile in battle. Uncover their secrets!

News bulletins

Double-Crossed Moonbase

The unveiling of Straxus’ secret plans has pointed everyone’s attention at a single place – the long forgotten Decepticon Moonbase.

Who, or what lies in there?

Begin a new storyline by investigating the Moonbase and earn Resources, Spark, Boosts and Crystal Shards!

Start Date: 26/5/2017 11:00 UTC
End Date: 29/5/2017 11:00 UTC
Bot Experience: 200%
Prestiges: None

How to Participate?

Reach HQ Level 4!

Tap the Event button!

Select an Event Battlezone to fight in!

Win your battle and gather Battle Points!

Collect prizes!

Event Battle Zones:

Battle Points can only be earned by winning a battle in an Event Battle Zone. Event Battle Zones are accessed through the event menu. Event Battle Zones offer Battle Points and Bonus Experience but do not reward Energon or Alloy.

Pyra Magna & Bonecrusher Crystal Firefly & Blast Off Crystal

Set the battleground on fire and watch them burn!

Charge into battle with Pyra Magna or Bonecrusher, available from their Crystal in the shop now! Strike from the clouds with Firefly or Blast Off, available from their Crystal in the shop now!

Changed ability info

Healing Grenade

Launch a grenade that recovers [StatValue] health to all [UserFaction] in a large area over 5 seconds.

Seismic Charge

Target a wall with a resonating seismic charge. The explosion deals [StatValue] damage for each wall within the radius, and 5x damage to walls.


Changed character info


Astrotrain loves sowing confusion and chaos

using his two alt. modes to destabilize and unsettle opponents.

If there’s one thing that Astrotrain enjoys above all else, it’s sowing confusion and chaos in his wake.
He uses his two alt. modes to destabilize and unsettle opponents, switching rapidly between train and space shuttle in any battle or pursuit, until finally delivering the coup de grace.

He thrives on panic and fear, but when he’s finished toying he delights in making sure the battle ends in as much wanton destruction as possible.


Explodes into furious, ferocious action, tearing his opponents to shreds.

Razorclaw despises waste in any form, and that extends to his own energy output.
So it’s perhaps understandable why so many mistake his long stretches of inactivity as laziness, when in fact his optics are carefully monitoring his surroundings, waiting for the optimum moment to strike.

Suddenly, Razorclaw will explode into furious, ferocious action, during which his opponents are literally torn to shreds.


Springer’s wisecracking attitude and unflinching optimism have seen him through plenty of tough times.

“I’ve got better things to do today than die,” is Springer’s laconic retort to even the most fraught and dangerous situations.
His wisecracking, easy-going attitude and unflinching optimism have seen him through plenty of tough times, as has his mighty strength and incredible pogo like leaping abilities.

With two alt. modes, he throws himself into battle with abandon – always willing to sacrifice himself for his friends or the mission.

Changed bundles


4,250 Cyber Coins
+ 200,000 Alloy
+ 8,000 Spark


4,250 Cyber Coins
+ 200,000 Energon
+ 8,000 Spark

[  ]
- 4,250 Cyber Coins + 200,000 Alloy + 8,000 Spark

[ ]
- 4,250 Cyber Coins + 200,000 Energon + 8,000 Spark

Changed dialogues

[npc-empty-a] Inside the Autobot war room…
[Prowl:point] So… *Straxus* has plans for the *Decepticon Moonbase* and even *Megatron* is in the dark?
[Mirage] This implies something of great importance. Which means…
[Ultramagnus:shakehead] We don’t have much time. We need to intervene before the *Decepticons* get a grip of their own business.
*Kup*… You’re the only *Wrecker* I have on standby. I trust you can be discreet?
[Kup:fistpump] You know I love a healthy dose of black-ops kiddo.
[Prowl] We’ll have *Wheeljack* fit you with an *Orbital Bounce* relay. If things turn nasty…
[Kup:pointleft] Don’t you worry! I’ll live to fight another day.
[npc-empty-d] Meanwhile on the Decepticon Moonbase
[Deadend] Looking down on Earth from here, one may say it has some charm…
Too bad, beautiful or not…
In time, all must turn to dust…
[npc-empty-a] Back on Earth’s Moon…
[Kup:pointleft] I’m about to infiltrate the *Decepticon Moonbase*. So far no sight of…
[Bludgeon:victory] Everyone spread out and watch your step. We don’t know who, or what, awaits us here.
[Lockdown] I’ll need physical access to the mainframe to find our bearings. This holo-map is useless!
[Offroad:taunt] Wait… I sense a familiar presence…
[Kup:flinch] By the Celestial Spires! I think they’ve…
[Offroad:flinch] *DEAD END?!*
[Deadend:pointleft] You’re not authorized to be here. Explain your presence!
[Bludgeon:taunt] Watch your words, *Stunticon*. We’re here on the orders of…
[Offroad] …*Straxus*
It’s time we…
resume the operation. Huh?
[Deadend] Really?
So be it…. Follow me, and don’t touch anything…
[npc-empty-d] Inside the *Decepticon Moonbase* complex…
[Deadend:point] The main chamber is here. And as you can see, *the sample* is secure…
[Offroad] The sample?
[Deadend:taunt] …and that’s the release trigger. Now explain why you’re here or I shalI bring death upon us all…
[Ultramagnus:flinch] What’s going on in there *Kup*?
[Kup] I don’t know, I saw some kind of cannister…
[Bludgeon:tauntleft] What is the meaning of this?!
[Deadend:point] This ignorant questioning proves you’re not following the orders of *Lord Straxus*.
And as much as I hate festering on this rock, I’ll do what has to be done…
[Offroad:shakehead] You’re not up to speed, pal. *Straxus’* coup failed!
[Bludgeon:victory] *Megatron* sent us to investigate this place. And if I’m not wrong, this is…
[Deadend:fistpump] …the only known sample of *Cosmic Rust*.
[Ultramagnus:flinch] Did I hear that right *Kup*?
[Kup] Yes, *Cosmic Rust*… The bug that can devour our Cybertronian bodies.
[Ultramagnus] And turn us all into nothing but a pile of dust… We must…
[Kup:shakehead] I know, I know… I might not be coming back from this one old friend!
[npc-empty-d] Back inside the *Moonbase complex*.
[Bludgeon:victory] This kind of weapon could bring victory to our *Earth Wars*!
[Deadend:pointleft] If used correctly… although I’m uncertain any Cybertronian on Earth would survive…
[Offroad] Look, *Dead End*, Stunticon to Stunticon… Hand over the sample, and *Megatron* won’t hear anything of this…
[Kup:tauntleft] HEY DECEPTICREEPS! Power down your pistons, don’t spin a rotor!
[Bludgeon] We’ve got ourselves a *Wrecker*… Interesting!
[Kup] Step away from the kill-switch *Dead End*. That *Cosmic Rust* will be the death of us all.
The sample must be destroyed.
[Deadend:fistpump] Does it bother you, *Autobot*… that I do NOT care?
[Offroad:tauntleft] It bothers me…
< smash! >
[Deadend:flinch] Argh!
[Bludgeon:clap] Congratulations *Offroad*…
and, while *Dead End* is out, I suggest you put down that grenade, *Wrecker*.
[Kup] And I suggest you stand back. I’m here to destroy the sample, don’t get in my way!
[Bludgeon:victory] We may show you mercy…
[Kup] Mercy? Not familiar with the concept… < blast! >
[npc-Spacebridge-a] >> TRANSMISSION: *TERMINATED* <<
[Ultramagnus:flinch] *Kup?*
*Kup!* Do you read me?!
[Prowl:shakehead] I’m sorry *Ultra Magnus*. I’m afraid *Kup*…
has sacrificed himself for our cause…
[Kup:flinch] Argh…
Don’t count an old-timer out yet!
The complex is collapsing. The *Decepticons* are on my tail…
Fetch *Ratchet*… I’m coming… Home…

Also changed

faq-subtitle-reportAProblem=Need help? Contact our support team!
faq-title-reportAProblem=Contact Support
triptych-energon-use-desc=Spend Energon on *HQ and building upgrades*!

en[Deadend:shakehead] Is *Space Bridge* travel always this unpleasant?
[Dragstrip:poin] Another *Stunticon* on *Earth*? This intra-team rivalry is overwhelming!
[Brakeneck] You look pretty fresh for a corpse *Dead End*! *Megatron* wants to…
[Megatron:taunt] *Dead End*! Anything to report? *Offroad* and *Bludgeon* seem to have forgotten all about your… incursions on the Moon.
[deadend:facepalm] Sooner or later we all meet our end. So if you’re about to claim my head for sticking to the mission, I’ll just hand it over now!
[Megatron:victory] Don’t get ahead of yourself *Dead End*.
The thing I lack, is ‘cons who can follow simple orders.
So save your dramatics. We’ll have our little talk later…
boost-kremzeek-red-1_desc=Deals [FCB620][StatValue] damage[-] per second for [FCB620]6 seconds[-]. Destroy the target to move Kremzeek up to [FCB620]4 times[-], each jump [FCB620]extends the duration[-] by 1 second

Also new

TroopSortType_StarRating=Star Rating
alliance-leaderboard-max-entries=ONLY TOP 40 CONTRIBUTIONS COUNT!
character-story-kup_or_deadend1=Kup] Bah-weep-Graaaaagnah wheep ni ni bong!
[Rodimus:clap] And a warm welcome to you, old-timer!
[Ultramagnus:pointleft] Good! I’ve had the command module prepped for our debriefing.
[Kup] Is something on fire or… do you want to hear about the Shrikebats of Dromedon?
[Ultramagnus:flinch] Shrikebats of what?
[Kup] Then give me a moment to catch my breath kiddo.
Don’t worry, I’ll tell you all about that Primus-forsaken Moonbase mission. Just… remind me later.
[npc-empty-d] Inside Shockwave’s laboratory…
[Megatron:point] Tell me, how is *Lord High Governor Straxus* faring *Bombshell*?
[Bombshell] Still unconscious. I’ve sifted through his data banks… The cerebral connections are bonded so tight!
[Megatron] No further rebellions? Not very newsworthy… I instructed you to dig deep!
[Bombshell] Yes, yes… the recent memories… Many mentions of a *Decepticon Moonbase*.
[Shockwave:point] An abandoned initiative my Lord, of little use to us now.
[Megatron] Those are yesterday’s facts *Shockwave*. If *Straxus* has plans, I want to know.
Reactivate that old *Space Bridge*. I want the place investigated. Send someone!
[Mirage:flinch] Did you get that?
[Ultramagnus:pointleft] Good job *Mirage*. Return to the base of operations immediately.
required-permissions-fail-body=We require access to your phone’s storage to download and install the content needed to play. Please select ALLOW to continue. Selecting DENY will close the game.
required-permissions-fail-title=Transformers: Earth Wars
researchlab-abilitiesupgraded=Abilities Upgraded
upgrade-abilities-description=Upgrade the abilities of this [UserFactionSingular] to improve their effectiveness in battle!
vip-notification-desc=Contact Support for more details.
vip-notification-title=Congratulations, you

re a VIP player!

vip-notification-title_desc=You’ve qualified for our Transformers: Earth Wars VIP program! Contact Support (Menu -> Community) for more details.
vip-notification-title_desc_2=You’ve qualified for our Transformers: Earth Wars VIP program!

Contact Support (Menu -> Community) for more details.


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