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Mind Games Out of Control

Will the Rust Renegades succeed on their mission to find Slog or will Straxus unveil more tricks up his sleeve?

Fight in this weekend’s event to find out and earn resources, shards, and up to 315% Normal Experience!

Start Date: 12/5/2017 11:00 UTC
End Date: 15/5/2017 11:00 UTC
Bot Experience: up to 315%!
Prestiges: 25

How to Participate?

Reach HQ Level 4!

Tap the Event button!

Select an Event Battlezone to fight in!

Win your battle and gather Battle Points!

Collect prizes!

Event Battle Zones:

Battle Points can only be earned by winning a battle in an Event Battle Zone. Event Battle Zones are accessed through the event menu. Event Battle Zones offer Battle Points and Bonus Experience, but do not reward Energon or Alloy.

[00]..[ff][00]..[ff] [00]..[ff]

Set the battleground on fire and watch them burn!

Charge into battle with Pyra Magna or Bonecrusher, available from their Crystal in the shop now!

Also changed

aut-warrior-laseroptimus=Laser Optimus
boost-kremzeek-1-desc=Deals [FCB620][StatValue][-] damage per second to a target building for [FCB620]15 seconds[-]. If the target is destroyed, Kremzeek can jump on a new target up to [FCB620]4 times[-]!
boost-kremzeek-red-1_desc=Deals [FCB620][StatValue] damage[-] per second for [FCB620]6 seconds[-]. Destroy the target to move Kremzeek up to [FCB620]4 times[-], each jump [FCB620]extends the duration[-] by 1 second.

Also new

boost-kremzeek-blue-1=Blue Kremzeek
boost-kremzeek-blue-1_desc=Stuns target defense for [FCB620]12 seconds[-] dealing [FCB620][StatValue] damage[-] per second. Destroy the target to move Kremzeek up to [FCB620]4 times[-]!
boost-kremzeek-purple-1=Purple Kremzeek
boost-kremzeek-purple-1_desc=Hack a defense for [FCB620]8 seconds[-] and make it attack your foes. Destroy the target to move Kremzeek up to [FCB620]4 times[-]!
character-story-slog_or_straxus1=[Slog] *Slog’s* head… Hurt…
[Bumblebee:point] Oh, no! Hang in there buddy!
I better fetch *Ratchet*. This gentle giant had a rough journey…
[Grimlock] *Ratchet* not necessary! *Dinobots* take good care of *Dinobots!*
[Slug] Slug fetch drill and fix Slog head!
[Slog] Drills? Why always drills?!
[npc-empty-a] Back on Cybertron, district of Polyhex…
[DustUp:pointleft] I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m not waiting around to see what happens next.
*Insecticons* equals *Straxus* in my book – and he’s public enemy one, two and three!
[PyraMagna] You’re right, *Dust Up*. *Rust Renegades* – move in!
[Kickback] We’ve got company! *Pyra Magna* and her *Torchbearer* buddies.
[Skrapnel] Hah! It’s past time those Keepers of the Flame… got burned. Let’s take ’em, *Kickback*!
[Bombshell] NO! Get *Slog* to transit point – now!
*Starscream* – the ‘package’ is ready. Activate the *Space Bridge*. Now!
[Jumpstream:flinch] What? They’re gone! For a moment there, it looked like they were going to fight it out.
Wonder what changed their minds?
[PyraMagna:point] Maybe this. A damaged *cerebro-shell*. If *Bombshell’s* sunk his mental pincers in someone… it’s got to be bad news for us *Autobots*.

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