Autobots, Medic, Deploy Medibots, Combiner, Protectobots


Highly empathic, First Aid really feels for those he treats, and so works tirelessly to repair the seemingly endless damage caused by war.
That laudable character trait makes First Aid slightly reticent in battle – as he hesitates to inflict that kind of pain on others.
But he knows that in the end if the Autobots don’t fight – and win – the hurting will never stop for anyone, and so he struggles on.

Combines into Defensor (#gossip)

Firstaid is (unconfirmed!) part of the Protectobots together with Hotspot, Groove, Blades, Streetwise.

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Pages related to Firstaid

Bundles and crystals

Alpha Bravo Bundle
Contains Alpha Bravo Crystals, with a good chance to get a 2, 3, or 4-Star Alpha Bravo!

[FirstAid:pointleft] *First Aid* here, everything looks calm at the *Project Nova* research site.
I see plenty of human activity so it doesn’t look like any harm has befallen them.
[npc-Autobot:point] That’s good news! I’ve reached out to the people in charge of *Project Nova*, but I haven’t heard back yet.
[FirstAid:flinch] Wait, I’m picking up something!
Is that… Spe…
*Decepticons!* I’ve just spotted *Spectro* sneaking into the facility through the back door!
[Sunstreaker:shakehead] Not a good sign, where there’s one *Decepticon*, there’s usually more. You’ll need back up!
[FirstAid:pointleft] Affirmative. Nevertheless… Human lives may be in danger.
No time to waste, I’m going to get a bit closer and investigate!

Firstaid Ability

This bot’s ability is not DPS / HPS based.

Firstaid Rankings


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