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LIVE Thursday: Target Locked! LIVE Thursday: SNEAK PEEKS


It’s the week of FFD700]SNEAK PEEKS[FFFFFF]

Get your FIRST LOOK at NEW BOTS and this Weekend’s Event.
Get your FIRST LOOK at this weekend’s event featuring PERCEPTOR and LOCKDOWN. PLUS want to be someone else for a day? Find out about a new way to play.

Join Deb and Adam LIVE Thursday, February 23rd @5pm GMT. Join Deb and Adam LIVE Thursday, March 2nd @5pm GMT.

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0]..[ff] [00]..[ff]

It’s the week of FFD700]SNEAK PEEKS[FFFFFF]

Get your FIRST LOOK at NEW BOTS and this Weekend’s Event.
The scientist takes on the bounty-hunter.

Check out PERCEPTOR and LOCKDOWN in battle! PLUS want to be someone else for a day? Find out about a new way to play.

Join Deb and Adam LIVE NOW on:
Mobcrush !

[b]New:[/b] 5-Star Crystal Target Locked!: Awarding Issue

New 5-Star Crystals arrive Feb. 9th! [00]..[ff]
Dear Transformers: Earth Wars,

– Cost: 5,000 5-Star Crystal Shards
– Cannot reward Duplicate bots.
We’re aware that some players are experiencing trouble receiving their prizes from the "Target Locked!" event.

Autobots: Grimlock, Silverbolt, Rodimus Prime, Gnaw, and Sunstreaker! To correct this error as quickly as possible we’re focusing on identifying the problem and correcting it to ensure you get the correct prizes.

Decepticons: Razorclaw, Thundercracker, Nemesis Prime, Gnaw, and Swindle.

The 5-Star Crystal will occasionally be updated, making a new set of bots available. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you and ask for your patience and understanding while we can focus on correcting the problem.

Tap for More Details Check Here for Updates

Also changed


[Jetfire:clap] Hey, *Perceptor* is finally here! Scientific community on Earth, rejoice!
[Wheeljack:point] I’ve ordered the lab to be prepped for your arrival.
[Perceptor:pointleft] Thanks everyone, I wasn’t sure I’d ever make it here in one piece
[Ratchet] So… The rumors about *Lockdown* are true?
[Perceptor:shakehead] Yeah, my research mission quickly turned into a *survival class* on how to avoid being decapitated by a relentless *bounty hunter*.
[Jetfire:victory] *Megatron* must have put quite a price on your head if *Lockdown* was after you. You should be flattered!
[Perceptor:facepalm] I am, but please make sure he never completes his contract… There’s so much more to discover!
quest-yalenati-level-40_desc=Enhance Yalenati to level 40.
quest-unlock_factions=Fight With [UserRivalFaction]

Also new

If you continue, the existing [existingFaction] in this squad will be replaced.=faction-change-dialog-body
[otherFaction] selected!=faction-change-dialog-subtitle
[Bludgeon:pointleft] Megatron! The assassin you had me hire is here.
[Megatron] About time! Send him my way immediately!
[Lockdown:tauntleft] Where is he?! I’ll have that bag of bolts hanging off my wall!
[Megatron:point] Oh *Lockdown*… That was a very poor choice for your *last words*. Prepare to die!
[Lockdown:flinch] Wait, no! I was talking about *Perceptor*! The subject of my contract?! My apologies *Lord Megatron*.
[Megatron] In that case, you’re lucky I’m in a good mood. I paid a large sum for your services, it’s about time you deliver!
[Lockdown] *Perceptor’s* time is running out. And until the contract is complete, you have my full cooperation. Least I can do!
choose-crystal-dialog-title=Choose your crystal
shopCategories-chests-autobot-name-long=Autobot Crystals
shopCategories-chests-autobot-name-long_desc=Get more Autobots!
shopCategories-chests-decepticon-name-long=Decepticon Crystals
shopCategories-chests-decepticon-name-long_desc=Get more Decepticons!

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