Campaign Ultramagnus Or Galvatron

The content in this page is unofficial and not released as part of the game. As such it can change
any moment.

Ultramagnus Or Galvatron

Related characters


  • Autobots

    1. script-character-ultramagnus_or_galvatron-1
      [Prowl] What’s going on, *Bumblebee*? Where’s everyone rushing off to?
      [Bumblebee] You gotta see this, *Prowl*. Our new ‘bot has moves that’ll pop your optics right outta your cranio-casing!
      [Ultramagnus:pointleft] Stand back, Autobots – the slightest distraction could result in personal injury. Three, two, one… fire!
      [Bumblebee:clap] Whoa! A two-fisted draw and rapid-fire salvo. All direct hits. You ever see moves like that before?
      [Prowl] No… I had to slow it down to two-thirds speed just to see it at all. Amazing.
      [Ultramagnus:victory] Just… doing what comes naturally. Please, it’s nothing.
      [Grimlock] Me agree! Me Grimlock can chomp two ‘cons in one bite, and no one make big deal!
    2. script-character-ultramagnus_or_galvatron-2
      [Prowl:pointleft] *Ultra Magnus*, still practicing your moves I see. Don’t you ever take some downtime?
      [Ultramagnus] A good soldier remains in a perpetual state of readiness. Besides, this is what I think of as downtime.
      [Prowl] I was thinking… that two-fisted draw of yours. Maybe it should get a wider audience than just us.
      [Ultramagnus:shakehead] Audience? What do you mean, *Prowl*? This isn’t a game.
      [Ironhide:pointleft] What Prowl’s tryin’ to say… and makin’ a right Scramble-City of… is other Autobots could learn from you.
      [Prowl:fistpump] Right. We could motion-capture and digitize your moves and upload them to the Autobot Academy Training Program on Cybertron.
      [Ultramagnus] Mmm. Couldn’t you use Grimlock’s *Double-Deceptichomp* instead
    3. script-character-ultramagnus_or_galvatron-3
      [Bumblebee] What are you sneaking around for, *Prowl*? And… is that an optical motion-capture camera I see?
      [Prowl:shakehead] Shh! *Ultra Magnus* is warming up for his daily training regime. And I’m going to record it… whether he likes it or not.
      [Bumblebee] Sounds a bit… underhand and sneaky. I like it. But he’s sure to notice you.
      [Prowl:point] Unless… I arrange for a distraction. And here he comes now!
      [Grimlock] *Rrragh*! Gangway! Coming through… Prowl say he want to record my *Double-Deceptichomp*!
      [Ultramagnus:facepalm] *Grimlock* – look out! Oh dear… direct hits on the Dinobot.
      [Grimlock:flinch] Oww – Grimlock got sauras!
    4. script-character-ultramagnus_or_galvatron-5
      [Prowl] Phew! I managed to evade *Grimlock*… for now. If I can just…
      [Ultramagnus:pointleft] Ah there you are, *Prowl*. I’ve been looking for you.
      [Prowl:flinch] Curses. Look, *Ultra Magnus*, I know what you’re going to say, but… sometimes you have to do the wrong thing for the right reason.
      [Ultramagnus] I’m not mad with you, Prowl. Quite the opposite. It was selfish of me not to want to share my two-fisted draw maneouvre. In fact…
      I’ve recommended to *Star Saber* that you receive the commendation. For initiative.
      [Prowl:fistpump] Phew. Thanks. I know you don’t like to lead. But sometimes you have to lead by example.
      [Ultramagnus] That said, I also told Grimlock where to find you.
      [Grimlock] *RRAAAGH*!
  • Decepticons

    1. script-character-ultramagnus_or_galvatron-3
      [Scourge:pointleft] Hey, boss – that pesky *Starscream* is still buzzing around at high altitude, watching our every move. Want me to clip his wings?
      [Galvatron] No. Starscream doesn’t know it, but his fate is already sealed. Let him observe. He will learn only that we are not to be trifled with.
      [Cyclonus] What about *Ultra Magnus*? He might actually be a threat.
      [Galvatron] I shall deal with him… in my own time. So to speak. Now… get out there and gather the materials we need to repair the *Time Portal*.
      [Shockwave:pointleft] Curious. This Decepticon thinks and acts like a born leader. And yet I can find him no mention of him in my databanks.
      [Megatron:victory] Continue observation, *Shockwave*. This planet isn’t big enough for two *leaders*.
    2. script-character-ultramagnus_or_galvatron-4
      [Starscream:fistpump] If *Ultra Magnus* has ‘intercepted’ your rather careless transmission, human… I can just sit back and watch them beat the electrolytes out of each other.
      [Ultramagnus] Strange… if I didn’t know better, I’d think someone was handing me *Galvatron* on a plate. It has to be a trap.
      [npc-Decepticon:thinking] Six Energon cubes says he’ll never fall for it. This Ultra Magnus looks like a ‘bot with his bolts screwed on tight.
      [Starscream] He’ll bite. I know his upstanding, rigid back-strut type. All ‘duty first’, and ‘personal cost be hanged’. Brrr…
      [Galvatron] *Cyclonus*… *Scourge*… watch the perimeter. I have a little surprise of my own in mind.
      [Cyclonus] You got it, Galvatron.
    3. script-character-ultramagnus_or_galvatron-5
      hockwave:pointleft] Megatron – I have located *Starscream* in the vicinity of the one called *Galvatron*. He appears to be observing his movements.
      [Megatron:taunt] For reasons of his own, no doubt. Recall your surveillance drones, *Shockwave*. This Galvatron and I shall have a reckoning soon enough.
      [Starscream:flinch] Strange. Galvatron seems to be charging up his particle cannon… and pointing it skywards. At *me*!
      [npc-Decepticon:point] And here comes *Megatron*… and that fusion cannon of his is aimed right at you!
      [Galvatron] Great minds…
      [Megatron] … think alike!
      [npc-Decepticon] Oooh! That’s gotta smart!
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Where does the data come from?

On the Android platform the game includes a configuration file,
which is used to make in game labels and texts more manageable.
The game code uses various keys, and the configuration file lists
which text belongs to that key.

If you have a app that can show you all the files on your device
(for example FileCommander), the file can be located on the internal storage:

  1. Internal Storage
  2. /Android
  3. /data
  4. /com.backflipstudios.transformersearthwars
  5. /files
  6. /LangConfig.bytes

Open the file using a text editor.
(Sharing the file to your laptop via e-mail or other channels might make this task easier.)
Then look for all labels name script-campaign{campaignNumber} to get a sense on what dialogues are
available in the game.


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