Campaign Cyclonus Or Hotspot

The content in this page is unofficial and not released as part of the game. As such it can change
any moment.

Cyclonus Or Hotspot

Related characters


  • Autobots

    1. script-character-cyclonus_or_hotspot_unlocked
      [Hotspot:victory] Protectobot *Hot Spot* reporting for duty! Am I late to the party or are the fires still raging?
      [Pyramagna:point] Earth is still a hot zone, *Hot Spot*!
      Name’s Pyra Magna, good to see a like-minded warrior coming in to join the fray.
      [Bumblebee] Psst, Ironhide. Something tells me these two will get along…
      [Hotspot:taunt] We’re all united by a common enemy… Bumblebee.
      Ironhide, bring me up to speed!
      [Ironhide:pointleft] Sure, right away. Follow me…
  • Decepticons

    1. script-character-cyclonus_or_hotspot_unlocked
      [Megatron:pointleft] Huh? That’s a weird figure. Identify yourself!
      [Cyclonus:victory] I, *Cyclonus*, come ready to serve the one and true Decepticon commander…
      [Megatron] Excellent! I was getting tired of Starscream and his…
      [Cyclonus:clap] …All hail *Galvatron*!
      [Megatron:shakehead] It’s MEGAtron, not Galvatron. These new Decepticons come with their memory chips all scrambled!
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Where does the data come from?

On the Android platform the game includes a configuration file,
which is used to make in game labels and texts more manageable.
The game code uses various keys, and the configuration file lists
which text belongs to that key.

If you have a app that can show you all the files on your device
(for example FileCommander), the file can be located on the internal storage:

  1. Internal Storage
  2. /Android
  3. /data
  4. /com.backflipstudios.transformersearthwars
  5. /files
  6. /LangConfig.bytes

Open the file using a text editor.
(Sharing the file to your laptop via e-mail or other channels might make this task easier.)
Then look for all labels name script-campaign{campaignNumber} to get a sense on what dialogues are
available in the game.


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