Changed ability info

Battle Rage

Enrage for 10 seconds gaining +30% movement speed, new wide-area melee attack and +50% damage.

Changed dialogues

[Arcee:flinch] Oh my! What is that… that… terrible stench?
[Pipes] <Cough> <Cough> <Splutter> AHEM!
[Windblade:facepalm] Have the Junkions passed through the Space Bridge?
[Pipes:victory] Name’s Pipes. Don’t mind my exhaust emissions, they’re perfectly normal!
[Windblade:pointleft] Well Pipes, I hope your battle abilities will overwhelm me as much as those… emissions…
[Pipes:point] Hey lady! These emissions will corrode the toughest Decepticon plating this side of Iacon.
[Arcee] Welcome aboard!
Oh, I’ve got some… thing to do, I’ll see you later!
[Windblade] Right, and I think I’m being summoned…
Yes… Prime, I’m on my way…
[Powerglide:pointleft] By the Celestial Spires! Do you see this Airraid?
[Jetfire:flinch] Powerglide? Come in! What is it?!
[Airraid:shalehead] Uh… We have no idea… Patching you to our visual feed!
[Jetfire] This, is truly remarkable! What is *it* doing on Earth?!
[Powerglide:pointleft] This must be *Cybertronian* technology, right?
[Jetfire:] Correct. It’s a *Decepticon Planet-Destroying Fortress*, or at least it looks like one. Hard to say for sure with all the ice.
We have not seen reports of anything like this for aeons. We ought to get our bots on the ground!
[Airraid] Well, better be quick! I reckon these Decepticon half-clocks will come back.
[Jetfire] Secure the perimeter! I’m taking this to Optimus and the higher command.
For the sake of this planet, the secrets of this Fortress must stay with the Autobots.
[Powerglide] No need to convince me, *Planet-Destroying-Fortress* kind of speaks for itself!
[NemesisPrime:pointleft] Ha! Who’s this? A new Stunticon, or merely Ironhide with a bad paint job?
[Offroad:taunt] Speak for yourself! This paint job is fresher than your recycled ‘prime’ parts!
[Dragstrip] Offroad! At last, you’ve joined the Earth operations. Let me debrief you on the current affairs.
[Offroad:victory] No need! Let’s get moving! There are victories to savor, resource to plunder, schemes, plans and plots to devise. You’re in for a wildride!
[Breakdown:pointleft] Wildrider… what happened to him?
[Offroad:taunt] Trust me when I say you don’t want to know. Let’s go!
[Brawl:pointleft] OH LUGNUTS! WHAT IS *THIS*?!
[Starscream:fistpump] This… is my ticket to leadership!
[Megatron:tauntleft] Wrong again, Starscream!
This is a *Decepticon Planet-Destroying Fortress*.
[Starscream:flinch] What… why…how?
[Megatron:victory] *Swindle* and I have an *understanding*…
[Swindle] No offense Starscream, but business is business!
[Megatron:pointleft] Now keep your vocal processor shut and get to work, the Autobots are not far!
[Megatron:facepalm] And attract everyone this side of Cybertron? This operation must remain classified!
[Shockwave:point] I’ve located a suitable drilling location. We can tunnel to the main chamber without attracting Autobot attention.
[Megatron:victory] Excellent work Shockwave!
Brawl, make yourself useful and get the Constructicons in here!
Starscream will distract the Autobots while we break through the ice.
[Swindle:flinch] Keep it down for once Brawl, will ya?!
As I’ve told you *twice* already, I have an *errand* to run.
[Starscream:pointleft] What’s going on here?! Shall I call Megatron over?
[Swindle:shakehead] It’s nothing *important*, why would you…
[Starscream:tauntleft] Cut it Swindle, you can’t fool Starscream – the master of deception!
[Swindle:facepalm] Fine! It’s the Autobots.
They’ve got a whiff of the signal, you know… from the Arctic Circle.
Something’s out there, and I’m not gonna sit around and let ’em grab it first!
[Starscream:fistpump] Interesting… Alright, *you* can join *me* in *my* expedition!
Cyclonus blew his chance, *whatever* is out there shall be mine!
[Swindle:point] Ok… But Cyclonus was a tiny step from becoming a flying icicle. What you’ll need, is *this* experimental AND *affordable* de-icer!

Also changed

quest-start-undead-level-20_desc=Enhance Nyrax to level 20.

Also new

!script-event-frozenFortress-intro=[Blaster:pointleft] Hey, Jetfire? Hate to break it to you pal, but it seems like you were followed.
[Jetfire:flinch] Who would be foolish enough to risk total system failure for the sake of scientific research?
[Blaster] That crazy fool would be Cyclonus himself!
And from the buzz on the airwaves, he had his rear thrusters bitten by some gnarly *nano-frost*…
[Powerglide:point] Then what are we waiting for? The Decepticons *know*! We must return to the Arctic Circle.
[Airraid:tauntleft] I’m with you *Powerglide*! Jetfire?
[Jetfire:point] Let me analyse our findings….
Luckily, it appears Ratchet has developed a remedy to the *nano-frost*.
Stay vigilant and report anything unusual!
[Airraid:victory] Don’t worry, we’ll keep the ugly ‘cons out of the area…
[Powerglide] …and keep the scientific breakthroughs for you!

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