Autobots, Combiner

Combiner team

Bundles and crystals

5 Aerialbot Crystals
+ 10 Ore-13
+ 35,000 Energon
+ 2,000 Superion Spark
50 Aerialbot Crystals
+ 130 Ore-13
+ 750,000 Energon
+ 40,000 Superion Spark
Character Bundle
Aerialbot Bundle
10 Aerialbot Crystals
+ 30 Ore-13
+ 75,000 Energon
+ 4,000 Superion Spark
20 Aerialbot Crystals
+ 50 Ore-13
+ 250,000 Energon
+ 16,000 Superion Spark
Cheetor Bundle
Contains Cheetor Crystals, with a good chance to get a 2, 3, or 4-Star Cheetor!

en�[Ironhide:victory] They’re on the run. We did it.
[Bumblebee:point] Or, rather, he did it – Superion. Face it, *Ironhide*, the other Autobots were mostly bystanders.
[Prowl] At this rate, we’ll have sent the Decepticons scurrying back to *Cybertron* in no time.
[Bludgeon:shakehead] Those foolish Autobots. They don’t suspect… this battle has only just started.

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