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We asked you to vote for us for the TIGA Awards and you came out and voted in droves. As the ballots are now closing for the TIGA awards, we would like to thank you for your support.

We were overwhelmed by the support and have decided to award all players who logged in on 21st – 24th with a boost. Please visit our Facebook Page to receive your free in game prize. Thanks again!

n/a Free Gift Here

Changed bundles

Gunner Crystal Bundle / Gunner Crystal Bundle

Rare Gunner Crystals guarantee a 2 to 4 Star Gunner Bot.

5 Gunner Crystals
+ 1,350 Cyber Coins
+ 25,000 Energon
+ 2,500 Spar

Major Research Bundle

3,750 Cyber Coins
+ 1,500,000 Energon
+ 10,000 Spark

[ Gunner Crystal Bundle / Gunner Crystal Bundle ]
- 5 Gunner Crystals + 1,350 Cyber Coins + 25,000 Energon + 2,500 Spar
- Rare Gunner Crystals guarantee a 2 to 4 Star Gunner Bot.

[ Major Research Bundle ]
- 3,750 Cyber Coins + 1,500,000 Energon + 10,000 Spark

Changed dialogues

[Huffer] My analysis is complete and the source of the Ocean Amethyst’s signal has been identified. Finally…
[Optimus:point] Very well, how long do you expect the crystal restructuring process to take? We don’t have time to spare I’m afraid.
[Huffer:shakehead] Well, if I don’t take *any* breaks, and everything works as planned, and I don’t get bothered, and…
[Windeblade] I’m sorry but my audio sensors can’t take this much longer! Cut to the core! Give us a timeframe!
[Huffer:flinch] 72 hours! Minimum.
I’ll do my best, but I’m not that great at crystal engineering.
If I only had Perceptor’s equipment and Blaster’s calibration expertise…
[Optimus:point] Keep up the good work Huffer! Let us know if we can be of any assistance.
Windblade, you have to stay on track! A warrior without patience treads a dangerous path.
[Windblade:facepalm] Eh… Fine. I’ll get down there… Keep him company. If I die of boredom, it’s on you Prime!
[Shockwave:pointleft] Megatron, the analysis of all Ocean Amethyst samples is now complete!
[Megatron:victory] Excellent! Now where is my newest weapon of mass destruction?!
[Shockwave] Well… I have begun the process of restructuring an existing Crystal to use in the Space Bridge.
[Starscream:facepalm] Can’t believe Megatron is foolish enough to keep falling for your silly tricks Shockwave!
[Megatron:tauntleft] Starscream, I’ve just *realized* I lack entertainment down here. Care to help me practice my aim!?
[Starscream:flinch] No, Lord Megatron, please don’t…

Also changed

apj-kingdom-6-name=Alliance Level 6
speech-battle-lost-1=Looks like we’ve got tricked…
speech-battle-lost-2=All trick, no treat.
speech-battle-lost-3=A shocking defeat!
speech-battle-lost-4=No Energon Snacks out of that one…
speech-battle-lost-5=There must be spiders in our circuits!
speech-battle-lost-6=The only real ghosts are the ones of our mistakes!
speech-battle-lost-6_dec=We’re the ones they should fear, and yet…
speech-battle-won-1=Hubble, bubble, toil, and trouble!
speech-battle-won-2=That was a treat… Ha!
speech-battle-won-3=The trick was on them!
speech-battle-won-4=What a spooktacular battle!
speech-battle-won-4_dec=They’ll fear us more than they ever did!
speech-buildingcomplete-1=Cobwebs cleaned!
speech-buildingcomplete-2=This building looks frighteningly effective!
speech-buildingcomplete-3=Creepy… I like it!
speech-buildingcomplete-4=One day I’ll dress up as a Build Bot!
speech-buildingcomplete-5=With frightening efficiency!
speech-buildingcomplete-6=Was that building supposed to move? Suspicious…
speech-buildingcomplete-7=Something to strike fear in our enemies!
speech-idle-1=Get the Energon treats ready for celebrations!
speech-idle-1_dec=Trick or treat? Well how about we take both. Ha ha!
speech-idle-2=Cyberspiders on Earth!? No… Must be seeing things…
speech-idle-2_dec=Cyberspiders on Earth!? No… Must be seeing things…
speech-idle-3=It’s Halloween! Seen any humans in disguise?
speech-idle-3_dec=I see Bludgeon has already found his Halloween costume…
speech-idle-4=Is that… Primus? No, can’t be. I must be seeing things…
speech-idle-4_dec=No, this is not a costume!
speech-idle-5=I had a nightmare with Megatron in it! Still glad it wasn’t Galvatron…
speech-idle-5_dec=If these humans celebrate horror, then horror they shall get!
speech-idle-6=I just ate a whole bag of Energon Snacks…
speech-idle-6_dec=Less chat, more bot carving.
speech-idle-7=By the Celestial spires! What was that sound?!
speech-idle-7_dec=Soon, we’ll harvest the fruits of the terror we sowed!
speech-idle-8=No, this is not a costume!

Also new

shuttle-ctx-squads=[count] Squads

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