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The Decepticons uncovered a Crystal of Power only to have it destroyed by the Autobots! Although this gem of Peru is lost, the power it displayed has sparked the imagination of both factions!

Hunt for Depleted Crystals to learn the secrets of the Crystal of Power and earn Shield Boosts, Spark, Crystal Shards, and a chance at 2-3-Star Bots!

Start Date: 23/9/2016 10:00 UTC
End Date: 26/9/2016 10:00 UTC
Bot Experience: 200%
Prestiges: 20

How to Participate?

● Join an Alliance and reach HQ Level 4! ● Reach HQ Level 4!
Tap the Event button!
● Select an Event Battlezone to fight in!
● Win your battle and gather Ruby Fragments!
● Collect prizes!

Alliance Events:

During Alliance events, you will earn points for rewards for the Alliance you’re currently a member of. Points earned will remain with that Alliance, even if you decide to leave.

If you leave an Alliance you will not receive any additional rewards from that Alliance and may miss out on some rewards if you join a new Alliance.

Event Battle Zones:

Ruby Fragments can only be earned by winning a battle in an Event Battle Zone. Event Battle Zones are accessed through the event menu. Event Battle Zones offer Ruby Fragments and Bonus Experience, but do not reward Energon or Alloy.


Whose side are you on? The carefree daredevil’s or the dark, twisted Bot bent on destruction?

Catch RODIMUS and NEMESIS PRIME in today’s Character Spotlight! n/a

Watch Now! n/a

Happy Thanksgiving! Share Your Feedback!

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We want to hear from you! Participate in our latest survey (EN ONLY) for the chance to win in-game goodies!

Simply enter your Email address by Friday 19:00 (Korea Time) and we will send you an Email with a link to get 20 Fuel Cells for you to battle more during this holiday season!

There will be more rewards coming to celabrate so login daily and keep your eye on the newsfeed! The survey will close on Friday 23rd September. We will pick 10 players at random to win a Premium Character Crystal Pack!

Get 20 fuel cells! Take the Survey

Japanese medal LB

Changed ability info

Mini Laser

Place a mini Laser Turret to attack nearby targets dealing [StatValue] damage per second. Lasts for 30 seconds.

Chomp Chomp Chomp

Unleash four vicious Sharkticons (1-Star, level [StatValue]). Warning: existing Sharkticons will rebel and explode!


Place a mini Beam Laser to attack nearby targets dealing [StatValue] damage per second. Lasts for 30 seconds.

Changed dialogues

[Wheeljack:clap] This is a fine sample Bumblebee! Very close to the *Crystal of Power* we once encountered.
[Sunstreaker:flinch] Hold on… *I* am the one who found that! Doing 100mph around a hairpin turn while…
[Wheeljack] Sure, great, thanks to *BOTH* of you. Now let’s see what we’ve got here…
Hmmm… Oh! <fizzle> <sputter>
[Optimus:pointleft] I’m no expert, but I’d guess the smoke means it didn’t work…
[Wheeljack:facepalm] Uhh… that crystal contained the right energy signature, but too many impurities to complete the analysis. [Wheeljack:flinch] Uhh… that crystal contained the right energy signature, but too many impurities to complete the analysis.
[Bumblebee:clap] Let’s put it into the *Space Bridge* then! Maybe we’ll bring a bot that’s more fun than Sunstreaker…
[Sunstreaker:tauntleft] …or Bumblebee! Come on, I’ll race you to the *Space Bridge* and show you who’s fun!

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