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LIVE Thursday: Artist ANDREW WILDMAN! LIVE Thursday: Weekend Event + Q&A


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Join us LIVE NOW for Q&A with Transformers artist ANDREW WILDMAN ! We’ll also show off RODIMUS & NEMESIS PRIME’S ABILITIES! and chat about this weekend’s Event.

Join us LIVE NOW for Q&A, TRIVIA and your first look at this weekend’s Event.

Catch us LIVE on Twitch AND Kamcord

Changed bundles

Decepticon Base


[ Decepticon Base ]

Changed dialogues

[Wheeljack:clap] This is a fine sample Bumblebee! Very close to the *Crystal of Power* we once encountered.
[Sunstreaker:flinch] Hold on… *I* am the one who found that! Doing 100mph around a hairpin turn while…
[Wheeljack] Sure, great, thanks to *BOTH* of you. Now let’s see what we’ve got here…
Hmmm… Oh! <fizzle> <sputter>
[Optimus:pointleft] I’m no expert, but I’d guess the smoke means it didn’t work…
[Wheeljack:facepalm] Uhh… that crystal contained the right energy signature, but too many impurities to complete the analysis.
[Bumblebee:clap] Let’s put it into the *Space Bridge* then! Maybe we’ll bring a bot that’s more fun than Sunstreaker…
[Sunstreaker:tauntleft] …or Bumblebee! Come on, I’ll race you to the *Space Bridge* and show you who’s fun!
[Wheeljack:pointleft] Optimus, I’ve accessed the archives on the Peruvian operations. What are we looking for?
[Optimus] The *Crystal of Power*, the one Megatron found in the temple back then…
[Wheeljack] Wait… You think there’s more of them? These things are impossible to find with a satellite geo-scan…
[Optimus] That’s why we need to get some auto-boots on the ground. Get me some potential locations and…
[Bumblebee:pointleft] Ping them back to me, Wheeljack! I’ll get you that crystal.
[Sunstreaker:victory] Sure, if you get there in time! 3, 2, 1… Catch you later!
[Bumblebee:facepalm] Wait! We don’t even… Ehh… Why do I bother…
[Megatron:victory] Look at them… blindly scurrying around. If only they knew… just how close to extinction they are.
[Bludgeon] I sense… immense power. The artifact is Cybertronian… and ancient.
[Megatron] These map pieces… spell final victory for the Decepticons. I must have the rest. The map will lead me to it.
[Starscream:fistpump] Not if I get my hands on it first. Hahahahaha!
[Starscream:pointleft] …it was all Thundercracker, I’m telling you!
[Megatron:taunt] No, it was YOUR fault Starscream! And we’ve been playing catch-up ever since!
[npc-Decepticon:thinking] Psst… Are they arguing about that *Crystal of Power* thing again? Wasn’t that ages ago?
[Shockwave:facepalm] Indeed. But Lord Megatron does not forget easily. We had a unique opportunity…
[npc-Decepticon:happy] Unique? You know Peru isn’t the only place with ancient temples. There’s gotta be more crystals just like that.
[Shockwave:point] Satellite geo-scans are insufficient… We’ll need physical recon.
Lord Megatron! I…
[Megatron] I heard your whole ordeal Shockwave, nothing goes behind my back!
Starscream! Perhaps you have a chance to redeem yourself…
[Starscream] Uh…. Thundercracker!? We’ve got a job to do…

Also changed

Join us [b][FFD700]LIVE Thursday, September 22nd @4PM GMT[FFFFFF][/b] for [B112CA][b]Q&A, TRIVIA[/b][FFFFFF] and your [b]first look[/b] at [B112CA][b]this weekend’s Event[/b][FFFFFF].

Catch us [b]LIVE[/b] on [b][8222D6]Twitch[FFFFFF][/b] AND [b][21B990]Kamcord[FFFFFF][/b]

Also new

cript-event-fireOnTheMountain-crystal_D=[Megatron:tauntleft] For your sake Starscream, I hope you’ve *not* returned empty handed.
[Starscream:victory] Mighty Megatron, we’ve scoured the Earth for the best, the top, the finest quality…
[Megatron] Enough! Shockwave, give me the update on my source of *ultimate power*!
[Shockwave] My Lord, the *crystal* looked fine at first but… The impurities… My lab is currently on fire, I’m containing the situation.
[Megatron:flinch] FAILURE! This is not the Crystal of Power I’ve been looking for, it doesn’t even come close!
[Thundercracker:shakehead] Psst… I told you that crystal wouldn’t cut it… We’ve got to go, get something better…
[Starscream:pointleft] Not so fast, let’s see what happens if we use this Crystal in the *Space Bridge*. Maybe it will bring me an army of my own, to overthrow Megatron with!

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