Campaign 5

The content in this page is unofficial and not released as part of the game. As such it can change
any moment.

Campaign #5

  • Autobots

    1. Start
      npc-Autobot:happy] We’ve located the *Enigma of Combination*. The coordinates point to a location right behind this outpost!
      [Optimus] It’s vital we get to it before the Decepticons realize it’s there. *Combiners* will irrevocably tip the balance of power.
      [Grimlock] So… *Grimlock* get to munch metal?!
      [Ironhide:taunt] Well, the kid gloves are off. This is total war!
      [Prowl] Er… let’s not get carried away. We’re Autobots, remember. Oh why am I even wasting my audio synthesizers?
    2. Start
      [npc-Autobot:point] I’m tracking a lot of Decepticon activity in a remote bit of the Mojave Desert. They’re up to something.
      [Prowl] Whatever they’re doing, it’s highly fortified and well defended. We’d need an army.
      [Perceptor] Or… one Combiner and maybe someone to clean up!
      [Optimus] *Aerialbots*! Use the power of the Enigma! Combine to form *Superion*.
      [Blaster:clap] And get ready for some heavy metal!
    3. End
      Bumblebee] That was no ordinary Decepticon mining operation Superion just rousted.
      [npc-Autobot:thinking] For sure. Those energy readings I took during the battle were off the scale. *Perceptor*?
      [Perceptor] I… admit to being rather perplexed. I don’t even have a name for whatever that was.
      [Optimus:shakehead] I fear our earlier optimism may have been premature. I should have known *Megatron* would have another hand to play.
      [Grimlock] Grimlock only pawn… in game of life.
    4. Start
      [npc-Autobot:point] Just registered another BIG spike in those strange energy readings.
      [Blaster] Whatever they’ve dug up out there is setting all my receptors tingling. And not in a good way!
      [Optimus] We need to shut them down, once and for all. Or, I fear, the whole planet will pay the price.
      [Ironhide:taunt] Autobots – roll out. This time… we throw everything we’ve got at them.
      [Grimlock] Now that what me call a battle. Grimlock’s not seen such things in long time!
      [Prowl:shakehead] Devastator’s down… but not out. How much of this can this planet take?
      [Bumblebee:pointleft] It’s not just Devastator out for the count… Superion’s power has been totally exhausted. He’s fit for nothing.
      [Optimus] *How?* How did they manage to deploy Devastator on Earth… when we have the Enigma of Combination?
    5. Start
      [Bumblebee:pointleft] What is that structure? I’ve never scoped anything like it.
      [Blaster] I’ve just decoded an enemy transmission about this, the cons refer to it as the *Combiner Lab*. And it runs on something called *Ore-13*.
      [Optimus] That’s it! It must be connected to the sudden appearance of Devastator.
      [Perceptor] This new energy source, it seems highly unstable… But it allows them to artificially replicate the Combiner process!
      [Megatron:tauntleft] Snooping around again?! Come, Autobots… come to your doom!
      [Ironhide] That was our toughest battle yet. Everyone still in one piece?
      [Ratchet:shakehead] I think… that’s a resounding no. I’d better get to work.
      [Bumblebee:pointleft] At least we managed to get a good look on what’s left from the *Combiner Lab* and collect a sample of the *Ore-13* stuff. Over to you Perceptor…
      [Perceptor] Yes. It is all highly unusual… But I think I can build a *Combiner Lab* of our own. We might be able to get Superion back up and running.
      [Megatron:victory] Fools! The carnage… has just begun.


    [Optimus] Now we *both* have access to the Combiner technology. The Earth Wars have entered a new and deadly phase.
    [Blaster] Combiner Wars anyone?
    [npc-Autobot:thinking] It’s no laughing matter. Can Earth survive a conflict on this scale?
    [Ironhide] One thing’s for sure. It’s an arms race that’s only going to escalate… unless we take their toys away.
    [Grimlock] Mmm… me smell *Special Operations*…
    [Optimus:point] Perhaps, but our priority now is to get Superion back into play! We need to construct the *Combiner Lab*!
  • Decepticons

    1. Start
      pc-Decepticon:point] The Autobots are gathering in a remote bit of the Yosemite Park. Lots of activity.
      [Bludgeon:shakehead] They’re up to something… but we’ll need a whole attack squadron to breach their defenses.
      [Starscream:pointleft] Why risk our own metal skins when a Combiner can tackle them single-handed… while we wait to pick off any survivors.
      [Megatron:victory] Yess! *Constructicons*! Use the power of the Enigma! Combine to form *Devastator*.
      [Bludgeon] Let the mayhem begin…
    2. End
      [Mixmaster:pointleft] That was no ordinary Autobot mining operation we just stomped all over.
      [npc-Decepticon:thinking] You think? Anyone with half a brain can tell those energy readings are something totally new.
      [Shockwave] I concur with the annoying fleshling. This a substance I have never encountered before.
      [Megatron:flinch] Curses! I should have known Optimus would have devised some cunning counter-strategy.
      [Mixmaster] hee-hee-ha-ha… personally I can’t wait to see what they’re cooking up!
    3. Start
      [npc-Decepticon:point] Here we go… more of these strange energy readings. Time to mobilize.
      [Shockwave] Someone remind the fleshling he does not give the orders around here.
      [Razorclaw] Rrrgh! Form an orderly queue…
      [Megatron:point] Whatever they’re planning must fail. Attack! Crush them all!
      [Bludgeon] Now that was a battle. Okay, we took a pounding, but it was glorious!
      [Starscream:shakehead] Pah! We may have stopped Superion but Devastator’s down for the count too. So much for our weapons of mass destruction!
      [Shockwave] The problem with Combiners is they burn themselves out at a furious rate. They are not sustainable.
      [Megatron] Forget all that! How did the Autobots manage to activate Superion on Earth… when we have the Enigma of Combination?
    4. Start
      [npc-Decepticon:point] Look at this – some kind of new structure. We’ve not seen anything like it before.
      [Soundwave:point] According to transmissions I intercepted, the Autobots refer to it as the *Combiner Lab*. It runs on something called *Ore-13*.
      [Megatron] It must be connected to the sudden appearance of Superion.
      [Shockwave] I theorize that this new energy source allows them to artificially replicate the Combiner process. But it is highly unstable.
      [Optimus:tauntleft] At last… we can fight fire with fire!
      [Starscream:flinch] You know… I think we were better off before Combiners. Even my wounds have wounds.
      [Bludgeon:point] Stop complaining. Whatever it cost us to uncover their secrets… was worth every bit of spilled oil.
      [Razorclaw] At least we managed to salvage enough of the *Combiner Lab* and some *Ore-13*. Mixmaster – can you synthesize more?
      [Mixmaster:clap] Hee-hee-hee… of course. And I can build us a *Combiner Lab* of our own. We’ll have Devastator up and running in no time at all.
      [Optimus] We end in stalemate, Megatron, but the Autobots shall prevail.


    [Megatron:victory] Now we *both* have Combiner technology… the Earth Wars are without limit.
    [npc-Autobot] Big deal. You may have the tech, but you don’t have the resolve of the Autobots!
    [Starscream:shakehead] Will someone please put the human out for the night.
    [Shockwave] The logical course of action is to take away their weapons while enhancing ours.
    [Razorclaw] *Special Operations* anyone?
    [Megatron:point] Not now, Razorclaw! Our priority is to get Devastator back into action.
    What are you waiting for?! I want the *Combiner Lab* built and ready for inspection in 60 cycles!

Autobots events

  • Combiners

    • arrival

      [npc-Superion:victory] Superion! Ready to *activate*!
      [Optimus:victory] By the matrix… The combination process has worked. We still stand a chance of stopping the Decepticons.
      [Ironhide:fistpump] Glad to see you operational again. We’ll need you out there, busting Deceptichops!
      [Perceptor:shakehead] Just be careful not to overdo it! Superion’s power levels are just like the Ore-13… Highly unstable.
    • bots-unlocked-numofnum-aerialbots

      [NumUnlocked] / [TotalToUnlock] Aerialbots Unlocked
    • bruticusoroptimaximusunlocked

      pc-OptimusMaximus:victory] Behold – *Optimus Maximus*!
      [Kup:point] Huh? Is that you, *Prime*? And you… *Prowl*? And… how many of you are there in that thing anyway?
      [Grimlock] Me count. One, Two, Four… SEVEN!
      [npc-OptimusMaximus:idle] Through the technology within the *Combiner Labs* the *five* have become *one*.
      [Kup:clap] Well, knock me down with a cyber-feather. That’s what I call teamwork. Go get ’em, Optimus Maximus!
      [Grimlock] Why you not choose *Grimlock*? Me best team player!
    • labs-built

      [Perceptor:victory] If my readings are correct, the Combiner Lab is operational.
      [Optimus] Indeed, well done! We’re one step closer to having our Combiner ready.
      [Ratchet] Yeah! All we need is six highly-ranked *Aerialbots*, and a lot of luck!
      [Perceptor] Don’t forget a highly dangerous energy source. We’ll need *Ore-13* too!
    • superion-levelup

      Superion is now level [CombinerLevel]. Unleash him on the Decepticons!
    • superion-rankup

      Superion’s star rating increased granting him access to a powerful new ability!
    • superion-unlock

      Activate your combiner with Ore-13 in the Combiner Lab!

Decepticons events

  • Combiners

    • arrival

      [npc-Devastator:victory] Devastator! Ready to *activate*!
      [Megatron:victory] Excellent!!! The combination process is complete. We can now show the Autobots we mean business!
      [Bludgeon:pointleft] Good to see you operational again. We need that extra firepower, there’s lots of destruction to deliver!
      [Shockwave:shakehead] Just do not go overboard Bludgeon! Devastator’s power levels are just like the Ore-13… Highly unstable.
    • bots-unlocked-numofnum-combaticons

      [NumUnlocked] / [TotalToUnlock] Combaticons Unlocked
    • bots-unlocked-numofnum-constructicons

      [NumUnlocked] / [TotalToUnlock] Constructicons Unlocked
    • bruticus-levelup

      Bruticus is now level [CombinerLevel] and ready to crush our opponents!
    • bruticus-rankup

      Bruticus’ star rating increased granting him access to a powerful new ability!
    • devastator-levelup

      Devastator is now level [CombinerLevel] and ready to crush our opponents!
    • devastator-rankup

      Devastator’s star rating increased granting him access to a powerful new ability!
    • devastator-unlock

      Activate your combiner with Ore-13 in the Combiner Lab!
    • labs-built

      [Shockwave:victory] If my readings are correct, the Combiner Lab is fully operational.
      [Megatron] Excellent! It’s about time our Combiner was ready, where is it?!
      [Bludgeon] We need six high-ranking Constructicons to begin. Organizing that can take time…
      [Shockwave] Don’t forget a highly dangerous energy source. *Ore-13* will become mandatory!

Common events

  • Combiners

    • HUD-CombinerTitle

    • activation-description

      Activate a combiner, take it to battle and wreck your opponents!
    • bots-unlocked-numof-optimus

      [NumUnlocked] / [TotalToUnlock] Optimus Maximus Bots
    • bots-unlocked-numofnum-optimus

      [NumUnlocked] / [TotalToUnlock] Optimus Maximus Bots
    • context-active

    • context-level-up

      Combiner Leveling Up
    • context-unlocking

      Combiner Unlocking
    • ctxt-description

      Activate Combiners with Ore-13 to use them in Battle!
    • lab-active

      ACTIVE [Time]
    • lab-enterbutton

    • lab-inactive

    • lab-level

      Level [level]
    • lab-levelling-combiner

      LEVELING UP [Time]
    • lab-ranking-combiner

      RANKING UP [Time]
    • lab-unlocking-combiner

      COMBINING [Time]
    • labdialog-combinerlabel

      Bots In Combiner
    • labdialog-getmorebotsdescription

      Your Combiner is missing some parts! Collect all required bots to be able to combine!
    • labdialog-missingbotstitle

    • labdialog-rankupdescriptionlabel

      Collect a team of 4 star bots to Rank Up your Combiner and become unstoppable.
    • levelled-up

      Leveled up
    • newbotalert-buildlab

      Need Combiner Lab
    • newbotalert-gotolab

      GO TO LAB
    • optmaximus-levelup

      Optimus Maximus is now level [CombinerLevel]. Unleash him on the Decepticons!
    • optmaximus-rankup

      Optimus Maximus’ star rating increased. A powerful new ability is available!
    • rank-up

      Rank Up
    • rank-up-complete-title

      Rank Up
    • rankup

      Rank Up
    • rankup-complete-button

    • rankup-max

      Maximum Rank
    • s-readyforbattle

      Combiner Complete!
    • selected-bot-count

    • timer-operation-levellingup

      Levelling Up
    • timer-operation-rankingup

      Ranking Up
    • timer-operation-unlocking

    • title

    • triptych-1

    • triptych-1-desc

      Gather a team of *Aerialbots* with a rating of *3-stars* or more.
    • triptych-1-desc_D

      Gather a team of *Constructicons* with a rating of *3-stars* or more.
    • triptych-2

    • triptych-2-desc

      Assemble and *upgrade* your Combiner in the *Combiner Lab*.
    • triptych-3

    • triptych-3-desc

      Those evil [UserRivalFaction] don’t stand a chance!
    • triptych-3-desc_D

      Those feeble [UserRivalFaction] don’t stand a chance!
    • unlock

    • unlocked


Where does the data come from?

On the Android platform the game includes a configuration file,
which is used to make in game labels and texts more manageable.
The game code uses various keys, and the configuration file lists
which text belongs to that key.

If you have a app that can show you all the files on your device
(for example FileCommander), the file can be located on the internal storage:

  1. Internal Storage
  2. /Android
  3. /data
  4. /com.backflipstudios.transformersearthwars
  5. /files
  6. /LangConfig.bytes

Open the file using a text editor.
(Sharing the file to your laptop via e-mail or other channels might make this task easier.)
Then look for all labels name script-campaign{campaignNumber} to get a sense on what dialogues are
available in the game.


3 thoughts on “Campaign 5

  1. Here’s hoping that the “six high-ranking Constructicons” we need doesn’t mean we need the whole crew. Cause I have 4* Scrapper and Hook along with 3* Mixmaster, Bonecrusher, Scrapper, and Hook.

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