Campaign 4

The content in this page is unofficial and not released as part of the game. As such it can change
any moment.

Campaign #4 Combiner Wars

The Enigma of Combination is within reach! Can we unleash its power and activate Devastator?

  • Autobots

    1. Start
      [npc-Autobot] Hey, who’s the new guy?
      [Ratchet] Name’s *Ratchet*. I fix stuff. Dented fenders – my speciality!
      [Blaster] Looks like you got your work cut out for you, Doc – the ‘cons are really crankin’ up the heat.
      [Optimus] We must find the *Codex Key* before Megatron. Two worlds depend on it.
      [Ratchet] Try not to get hit *too* much!
      [Ironhide] No Codex Key, but at least now we know where the next *fractal map piece* is.
      [Optimus:victory] Good – we need both. But without the Key the pieces are just a jumble of geo-tracking data.
      [Megatron:pointleft] Fools! Still stumbling around in the dark… no clue how close to total defeat they are!
    2. Start
      [npc-Autobot:thinking] With the spec Optimus supplied on the Codex Key, I’ve finally managed to triangulate its position. But-
      [Ironhide] I’m sensing some pain in that ‘but’.
      [Blaster] Just a little too easy, huh? Maybe… it’s a trap?
      [Jetfire] Maybe. But we still have to investigate. Ratchet – get the repair kit ready.
      [Jetfire:fistpump] Another piece of the puzzle retrieved… and only a few bumps and scrapes.
      [Ratchet:facepalm] A few scrapes he says… spare parts don’t grow on trees around here y’know!
      [Starscream:tauntleft] First we soften them up… then we move in for the kill.
    3. End
      [Blaster] Wow – I hate being right all the time. They nearly toasted your transistors there!
      [Ironhide] Right, but now we know where *not* to look. And how to tell if it’s the real deal or just a ghost decoy.
    4. Start
      npc-Autobot:happy] The Codex Key! This time there’s no mistake. Go get it, boys…
      [Ironhide:victory] Finally! I don’t mind gettin’ shot at… comes with the territory… but not with nothing to show for it.
      [Blaster:pointleft] The Decepticons are mobilizing – they must have tracked down the Key too.
      [Optimus] It’s a race against time now… ROLL OUT!
      [Grimlock] Is that it? Look like hunk of junk to Grimlock.
      [Jetfire] The Codex Key has been buried for centuries… its circuits have degraded. Ratchet?
      [Ratchet] I can fix it, but I’ll need help. Find a Crystal and bring some reinforcements!
      [Bludgeon:taunt] You seek Crystals? You’ll need to go through me to get them!
    5. Start
      [Optimus:pointleft] The Decepticons have mustered all their available forces. We need one last push…
      [Grimlock] You need dino-power! Put me out there and me push BIG!
      [Blaster:facepalm] Whatever you do, keep that Codex Key away from Grimlock. He seems angry… and hungry.
      [Grimlock] Grimlock just cog in complex machine…
      [Optimus:victory] We did it – now we can see which artifact Megatron has located on Earth.
      [Ratchet:clap] Power levels are almost full. Did I do good work or did I do good work?
      [Ironhide] It was a team effort, lad. Don’t get cocky.
      [npc-Autobot:point] OH! Look… LOOK!


    [Optimus:pointleft] The Codex Key is activating! At last
    the map pieces are assembling…
    [npc-Autobot:thinking] What is that? It’s… beautiful.
    [Ratchet] Or deadly… depends on who gets the artifact. Us or them. In the wrong hands, it could spell total defeat.
    [Megatron] Yesss! Let slip… the Combiners of war!
    [Optimus] Not so fast, Megatron! You still have to retrieve the *Enigma of Combination*! And my troops are already closing in…
  • Decepticons

    1. Start
      [Starscream:pointleft] We must press our advantage and attack… attack!
      [Hook] Is that your plan? Just… attack? Well don’t come cryin’ lubricant to me when you get all bent outta shape.
      [Starscream:flinch] Bah! I don’t need a surgical engineer, *Hook* – to seize absolute power I need warriors!
      [Megatron:taunt] Enough chatter! Secure the *Codex Key*. Take no prisoners.
      [Hook:shakehead] It’ll be down to me to pick up the pieces… again.
      [Starscream] No sign of the Codex Key and zero Autobot fatalities. That battle was a waste of energon.
      [Bludgeon] Not quite – at least we know where the next *fractal map piece* is.
      [Megatron:victory] And each brings us a step closer to total victory.
      [Optimus:point] Whatever your end game, Megatron – we will oppose you to the very last.
    2. Start
      [npc-Decepticon:happy] Hold onto your ball bearings, I just found the Codex Key. Lit up my board like Christmas.
      [Bludgeon] How very… convenient. A decoy perhaps… or even a trap. Who knew the Autobots had it in them.
      [Starscream:pointleft] Yes. A trap. But one *we* shall spring…
      [Hook:facepalm] I’ll order some more filler.
      [Starscream:flinch] This is taking forever! One measly piece… and look at me! My fuselage is a mess!
      [Hook:point] Quit complainin’ and hold still… this polycarbon filler needs time to dry.
      [Ironhide:tauntleft] Bring it on, ‘cons – I got an itchy trigger finger needs scratchin’.
    3. End
      [Bludgeon] Now what? We’re chasing shadows.
      [Soundwave] Not so. Now I have the measure of the decoy… it will be a simple matter to find the real Codex Key.
    4. Start
      [npc-decepticon:happy] Soundwave was right – I got a lock. It’s the Codex Key… the real one.
      [Starscream:victory] Finally! No mistakes this time… It must be mine- OURS!
      [Soundwave:pointleft] The Autobots are mobilizing too. Time is of the essence.
      [Megatron] GO… GO! Come back with the Key… or not at all
      tarscream:shakehead] All that effort… for this?? It’s a relic… a derelict relic at that. Megatron’s clearly losing it.
      [Soundwave] The Codex Key’s circuits have degraded after much time in the ground. Hook?
      [Hook:pointleft] I can fix it, but I’ll need help. Find a Crystal and bring reinforcements!
      [Ironhide:taunt] You want Crystals? Come an’ get ’em… if you can!
    5. Start
      [Megatron:pointleft] This is it… the ultimate prize is within my grasp. All weapons! Stop at nothing!
      [Bludgeon:taunt] At last! A chance to really cut loose. All or nothing… death or glory.
      [Starscream:victory] One side, fool, this is my moment of glory… the final blow must be struck by me.
      [Hook:shakehead] I’m runnin’ out of spare parts…
      [Starscream:victory] We did it. Now to learn all Megatron’s secrets… and steal them!
      [Soundwave] Power levels almost at maximum.
      [Megatron] Ah, Starscream, good… you have done my bidding… like the *loyal* warrior you are.
      [Starscream:facepalm] Eh? Oh… yes mighty Megatron. I exist to serve.


    [Megatron:victory] The Codex Key is mine… at last… the power to completely crush the Autobots is within my grasp.
    [npc-Decepticon:thinking] What is that thing? Doesn’t look like much to me.
    [Starscream:pointleft] It’s… the Enigma of Combination, an artifact of our ancestors! Titans shall again walk the Earth!
    [Optimus:shakehead] Combiners! Here on Earth? That can only result in sheer mayhem.
    [Megatron] Exactly! And all we need is to retrieve that artifact… before the pathetic Autobots do!

Where does the data come from?

On the Android platform the game includes a configuration file,
which is used to make in game labels and texts more manageable.
The game code uses various keys, and the configuration file lists
which text belongs to that key.

If you have a app that can show you all the files on your device
(for example FileCommander), the file can be located on the internal storage:

  1. Internal Storage
  2. /Android
  3. /data
  4. /com.backflipstudios.transformersearthwars
  5. /files
  6. /LangConfig.bytes

Open the file using a text editor.
(Sharing the file to your laptop via e-mail or other channels might make this task easier.)
Then look for all labels name script-campaign{campaignNumber} to get a sense on what dialogues are
available in the game.


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