Changed bundles

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Changed dialogues

Strafe:victory] Dino-upgrade complete! I’m ready to swoop from the skies and rain destruction on my foes once again.
[Ironhide] Um… nice look. Kind of predatory.
[Strafe:shakehead] *Predatory*? Is that meant to be some kind of joke, *Ironhide*?
[Ironhide] Uh? Look, whatever. I got better things to do than butt heads with you, *Strafe*.
[Grimlock] Pah! Dumb Autobots have no appreciation for Dino beauty! Especially *grey* dino-beauty.
[Strafe] They’ll never let me forget… *never*!
[Scourge] Face it, *Strafe* – no amount of improvements can make you a match for my aerial might!
[Strafe] If it’s a dogfight you’re after, *Scourge*, you got it! Name the time and bit of sky.
[Ultramagnus] Strafe! This is *Ultra Magnus*, don’t let Scourge bait you. If I know him – and I do – he’ll lay an ambush with his *Sweeps*.
[Grimlock] So what if trap? *Grimlock* think ‘Little Prime’ have back-strut made of seaweed!
Grimlock order you to go anyway!
[Ultramagnus] Don’t listen to that bozo, Strafe… he’ll just get you wrecked! And the Autobots need you.
Ultra Magnus over and out.
[Jetfire] Oh, *Strafe*! There you are, I stumbled upon an old archive. Does Elite Flying Corps ring a bell?
[Strafe] Not again! Why does everyone insist on bringing this up? It’s in the past, *Jetfire*, and that’s where it stays.
[Jetfire:pointleft] What’s the big mystery? I already asked *Optimus*, and he won’t speak about it either.
[Strafe:shakehead] <sigh> Look, I’ve made some mistakes, okay? And I paid dearly for them. As a result, a shameless Predacon stole my name.
[Ironhide] A Predacon? Of course – *Divebomb*! Now I get why you were mad with me.
[Strafe] I know he’s out there, on Earth! And when I’ve taken Scourge down… Divebomb’s *next* on my hit-list.
[Scourge:shakehead] How did we get stuck in this backwater bit of time and space? The future was ours… OURS!
[Cyclonus] Look on the bright side, *Scourge*, think of all those Autobots you hunted down and deleted… now you can do it all over again!
[Scourge] The worst of it is, *Cyclonus*, we’re expected to serve *Megatron* – instead of his far superior future self, *Galvatron*.
[Megatron:point] Scourge! I want you to use your skills to lure an Autobot into an ambush. I don’t care which one.
[Scourge] Y’know, maybe I could get to like it here.
[Strafe:tauntleft] So, the ‘cons have got themselves a new fly-boy. And he’s calling me out!
[Scourge] I see you’ve modelled your Earth form on a extinct creature, *Strafe*, which is what you’ll soon be!
[Galvatron:pointleft] Scourge! This is *Galvatron*! Cease and desist! These petty feuds are beneath us. We… have evolved!
[Divebomb:shakehead] Boy, this *Galvatron* sounds like a total killjoy. If all the future holds is careful strategy – you can keep it.
[Scourge] I’m starting to agree with you. I just wanna liquidate things!
Galvatron:pointleft] So be it, Scourge! I wash my hands of you. *Galvatron*… stands alone.
[Ultramagnus:taunt] And I, *Ultra Magnus*, stand against you, Galvatron – till the ends of time.
[Scourge:victory] And while you two are pursuing your own little vendetta, I’ll be doing what I do best… hunting prey. Come, my *Sweeps*!
[Strafe:facepalm] I’d be more impressed if you hadn’t been cobbled together out of bits of old Insecticons.
[Scourge:shakehead] Bah… I’ll *never* live that down.

Also changed

boost-bomb-1=Smart Bomb Mk1
premium-pack-character-tooltip=Unlock [UserFaction] with Premium Character Crystals.
points_events-operationSnakebite-desc=Sideswipe’s latest covert-operation has been a success. However, his recklessness has left a trail and a new threat has been detected!

We don’t know much about him, reconnaissance tells us his name is Viper and it looks like the Decepticons have made an alliance with him…


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