Gather intel to give the Autobots the edge in the Transformer Earth Wars.

Provided to you with kind regards from Snipers, Elite Snipers and Rise of Earth alliance family.

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  • Ability Sonic Disruptor (tech-air-mode-dec)
  • Event: cosmosmindwipe
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  • Starscream Crown Bundle
  • Rampage Bundle
  • Optimus Matrix Bundle
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  • Blaster Soundwave Bundle
  • Aerialbots Constructicons Bundle
  • New bundle details
  • Event: slog_straxus
  • Event: kremzeek_white
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  • Event: thelasttrick
  • News: The Last Trick (part 2 of 2)
  • News bulletin update
  • News: Seaspray & Octopunch Crystals
  • News: The Last Trick (part 1 of 2)
  • Jazz Mixmaster Bundle
  • Event: cosmos_mindwipe
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  • News: LIVE NOW: The Last Trick
  • News bulletin update
  • News: LIVE Thursday: The Last Trick
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  • Event: faceToFace
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